29 weeks and counting...

I wrote this first part yesterday (Sunday):
Yesterday Andrew went to his friend’s Iron Man themed 4th birthday party.  James took him, and I stayed home.  I had hoped to go, but it was all the way at Stanley Park and I was concerned about the amount of walking I’d inevitably have to do, and then sitting at an uncomfortable picnic table for 3 hours.  Sadly, I can’t walk too far but I can’t really sit in an uncomfortable type of chair for any length of time either!

I did go out for a little while when the boys were at the party, but mostly I just took it easy and got a bit of rest.  Because I was mostly inside on my own yesterday, I really wanted us to get out and do something today.  We ended up taking Andrew to the little train at Confederation Park, and this time he and James had a train ride while I waited – because it’s such a small train, I don’t think it would be a good idea for me to go on it now!  I did a few months back and it was fun, but James had never been on so it was his turn anyway.  Then we took Andrew to the Eileen Daily Pool, which is basically right next to the park.  We had only been once before, but Andrew had loved it, and really seemed to enjoy it again.  I floated in the deeper end for a while and I did enjoy how ‘weightless’ I was able to feel at times, but ultimately I feel like the swimming really did me in.  I feel absolutely exhausted now, and my belly’s kind of sore.  I just feel achy, and I had a period-like cramp a little while ago which felt like a very mild contraction.  It could be Braxton Hicks or maybe it’s just a growing sort of pain, I’m not quite sure.  It was very mild and not something I’m worried about, but it’s still not a good thing.

I feel like I really can’t do much of anything for the next few months, truthfully.  I don’t want to go to the pool again.  It was fun, but not worth it to me for the way I feel now.

It’s now Monday morning and I feel ‘better’, whatever that means.  I’m tired, but a normal tired.  I can’t sleep well at night now no matter what I do, because I’m too big and the babies are too active.  Although I must say, lately they have been SO active during the day that I seem to get a little reprieve through the night.  When I wake up to roll myself over (which is a sight to behold, I’m sure) I feel them move, adjusting to their new position – and they quickly let me know if they’re going to ‘allow’ me to stay positioned that way! – but for the past few nights they maybe haven’t been AS active till all hours.

Baby A has hiccups again.  Yesterday I thought for a minute that possibly both babies had the hiccups at the same time.  But mostly I’ve just noticed Baby A gets them nearly every day, whereas Baby B tends to be quieter that way.  She’s still the roller!  And kicker…Baby A throws a really good punch!

I don’t want to be wishing this pregnancy away, but I talked to the women in my multiples group and at least I know I’m not alone in feeling overwhelmed – less so by the fact that ‘we’re having twins’ and more so by the fact that I’m this big and uncomfortable already, but still have such a ways to go.  I’m not sure what the rate of growth is right now, but in about a week the rate of growth is about half a pound per week…and that’s PER baby!  So a pound a week of extra girth, for 7-8 weeks!  That seems a tad on the crazy side!  I’m starting to feel like I’m housebound at 29 weeks…


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