28 weeks appointments

Today I had an OB appointment as well as an ultrasound to check on the babies.  I’m 28 weeks + 2 days and measuring 39 weeks.  So by my next appointment (I go every 2 weeks now) I’ll be measuring overdue by several weeks, according to a singleton pregnancy!  Which is just crazy.

Everything’s picture perfect, though.  My blood pressure was great, all my blood work was normal, babies heart rates were great.  My OB seemed to think that if all continues as we’ve seen so far, I should be able to have as natural a birth as possible.  Of course, she did remind me that the very nature of having multiples means I AM more at risk of ending up with a c-section, but ultimately there’s no REAL reason to believe it will come to that.  Both babies are still head down, and always have been, and they are VERY squished in there together now, so the likelihood of Baby A turning around is getting slimmer all the time.  Seems unlikely, too, since she’s ALWAYS been in the position she’s in now – why would she decide to change that 7 months in?!  So fingers crossed all goes as it has been and I get the vaginal birth that I want!

The OB said I’d be surprised how many moms-to-be-of-multiples just automatically WANT a c-section and won’t even consider a vaginal birth.  I told her that I’ve been having issues with getting an epidural, so I certainly don’t want a c-section if possible!!  Although last night I watched a video (not super graphic but I knew what was happening) the doctor did have to reach up inside the uterus to get Baby B out, and the woman didn’t have an epidural…and it was kind of traumatizing, truth be told.  So I started thinking maybe it wouldn’t be so bad to just get a small dose during the pushing stage, just to be on the safe side.  On the other hand, I do like the idea of being able to feel when I need to push, because I found it so important when birthing Andrew – I started pushing and it was over 10 minutes later because I just HAD to push him out!!  Whereas if I’m partly numb, I worry I wouldn’t have those same instincts.

Basically it sounds like while I WILL have to be prepped in case I need an emergency c-section, I don’t ‘have’ to have an epidural if I truly don’t want it.  So I think we’ll just play it by ear and see how it goes.  I talked to the OB about my ‘birth plan’ insofar as she knows my worst case scenario, but ultimately I don’t feel the need to have a strict birth plan printed out or anything because the way I see it, you don’t know how things are going to go till you’re living it in the moment.  I will have James there to help advocate for me, and ultimately I can speak up for myself, and it sounds like the hospital is so progressive anyway, they’re not about pushing caesareans.  My OB actually said she MUCH prefers to help women through a natural labour than to perform a c-section, where possible – which I find so refreshing given all you hear about the rates of c-sections being so high, and doctors often wanting to schedule the birth that way because it works better for their schedules, etc.

So I felt really good about my OB appointment, and really like the doctor a lot, I really hope she’s on call the day I go into labour!  Fingers crossed.

I had a nearly 4 hour wait in between my OB appointment and my ultrasound appointment at the hospital.  The clinic and hospital are about a 5-10 minute drive from each other…but it’s about a 40-45 minute drive from our house…So I didn’t really want to drive home, only to have to drive back a short time later.  So I killed a bit of time looking at a few stores, but then I got really winded and tired and didn’t feel like doing anything, so I decided to just go check in at the hospital nearly 2 hours before my appointment.  I figured I could just sit there and read for a couple of hours, no big deal.  Well, it turns out they were able to get me in early so I barely had to wait at all!  It worked out perfectly.

I may have the weights mixed up, I’m not entirely sure – I’ll ask my OB at my next appointment in 2 weeks.  But I THINK it’s Baby A who is 1400 grams (3lbs 1 oz) and Baby B who is 1200 grams (2lbs 10 oz).  It’s normal for a slight difference in weight like this – if their weights were different by a huge amount they would want to monitor that more closely, but by the sounds of things the babies are doing amazing!  They are both above the 50th percentile for weight, which is sooo good.  I want them to be healthy and strong, and being on the bigger side by this point means they have a better chance of being a better weight at birth.  So I felt great hearing that.  Like I said, both babies are head down, and absolutely everything looked just as it should, according to the u/s technician.

I’m feeling surprisingly calm the past couple of days, with regards to the fact that we’re having TWO babies at once.  It’s sinking in more and more, maybe.  I am positive I am going to have many more moments of OH CRAP WE HAVE 2 BABIES in the future, but mostly now I just feel super excited about meeting them and having them and living the whole experience.  The pregnancy part is interesting and I’ll miss certain parts of it once in a while but…I want baby cuddles and I want to meet these 2 girls and know who they are and finally see Andrew being the big brother we keep talking to him about.  That being said, I’m TOTALLY FINE with the babies baking a couple of months longer!  But ultimately they will be here in no more than 12 weeks, most likely 10 or a bit less, and that’s the reality, so I might as well just get used to it and be excited!!


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