Summer has finally arrived

I’m sitting out in the yard in our recumbent chair.  I’m thinking I might have to bring it in and sleep in it in a couple of weeks, it’s pretty comfy and I can lay back but my belly doesn’t get so uncomfortable.  It’s soooo nice to finally be able to sit out in our yard.  I’m so happy about it that I’m not going to let the annoying weed whacking across the way get on my nerves!  It’s all part of the summer experience!

James went camping for the past 2 nights, and was supposed to come home today but decided to extend the trip by one night because he wanted Andrew to experience a night in the wilderness.  So they just left a little while ago to head back to the camp grounds.  Andrew wasn’t entirely sure about it – he camped over night in someone’s backyard last summer and was happy up until it was dark and he was in a tent…Maybe he gets it from his Momma, but he wasn’t too sure about that part!  (I’m not a camper myself...)  But we pumped it up as much as possible and he seemed pretty excited about the roasting marshmallows part, so he decided he would go for that, if nothing more!  I think once he gets there he’ll have a great time.  I wish I could be there too, but I’m not into sleeping in a tent at the best of times, but certainly not now with my pregnancy…and oh yeah, not so keen on it being with my mil as well…!!!

The boys will be home in the morning, and the plan is that the 3 of us are going to have a really fun outing tomorrow.  I do feel slightly gipped that James took time off work to go camping when obviously it wasn’t going to be something that would include me, though I was glad he went – it’s not that I don’t want him to go off and have fun experiences without me, I just feel like there’s little time left for us to be doing stuff as a family of 3, so I want to be taking advantage of that.  So I’ve got to come up with something really fun for tomorrow.  As long as we’re outside somewhere we don’t go all the time, I’ll be happy!

I can’t get over how good it feels to be able to sit outside and have it be every bit as warm if not warmer than what it is inside.  I love the fresh summer air, the brightness of the sun, the chirping of the birds.  We should have been out enjoying this weeks ago, but if summer is finally here to stay, life is good!  It looks like we’re supposed to have good weather for a couple of weeks, and no grey dismal for a decent chunk of time is exactly what I’m after.

Last night I was on my own because Andrew had his sleepover at my parents’ place.  Before I took him over there, he ‘helped’ me put together the baby change table I got from Ikea.  It’s bigger than I’d thought, it looks kind of huge in our bedroom, although I know once the crib is put together it won’t seem quite so menacing.  It will also fit LOTS of stuff on the two lower storage shelves, so it’s going to be very functional.  I think my head is just spinning trying to figure out the configuration of our bedroom with the crib.  We are fortunate to have as big a bedroom as we do, although if our room was any smaller we’d have moved before we got pregnant because our whole place would be too small otherwise.  It’s just going to be VERY CRAMPED and while I can put up with that knowing it’s for the short term, I feel sort of frustrated by the lack of space now that I’m actually working on getting things organized.  I’ve done everything I can to move stuff out of the room that doesn’t need to be there, but basically everything is essential.  I don’t want it to be annoying trying to get to the babies.  I desperately want the crib put together so I can just see how it’s actually going to work…I NEED to have it all sorted out!  I just can’t help myself.

Last night I was SO TIRED, in fact all day yesterday, to the point I could only look at everything but couldn’t actually do anything with it.  I sat in the bedroom wondering how in hell everything would fit ‘just so’ and it was exhausting!  LOL  Luckily I did manage to take Andrew to the lake for a while to feed the ducks and we also went to the playground.  I would rather take advantage of being outdoors enjoying the nice weather than to be cooped up inside, since this winter is going to be all about being cooped up inside…For now I just want to enjoy the summer.  But…I might have to put that crib together tonight, if I think I can deal with putting together another piece of Ikea furniture!!

For now I think I’ll read a book and just relax in this chair, which seems like a more appropriate backyard activity than using my computer!


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