Rainday, not Sunday...oh well

Of course the sun is back today, after taking a Sunday hiatus.  Sigh!!  We were going to drive to Golden Ears for a picnic and relaxing day in the sun.  I was so looking forward to an outdoor day.  Instead, it was grey and raining when we got up, so we cancelled and did indoor chores instead, fun. 

I guess it was good to get done what we did – we got baby stuff out of storage, the smaller stuff that can be washed and organized into the girls’ wardrobe.  We also went through our Christmas stuff trying to reorganize the ridiculous amount of boxes we have so we might make more room in storage.  It didn’t quite work out, but we still somehow managed to create some space.  Or, should I say, JAMES did.  I basically sat in a lawn chair by the storage unit and acted as ‘organizing director’ ;)

James also put up the LACK shelf above the crib, which I’ve currently organized with a picture and some vases and whatnot – not ‘baby’ focused, but I can change it closer to the time of their arrival.  As much as I want our room to be overtaken by stuffed animals and baby things…!!

It feels good to be continuing getting ready for their arrival, which is just a few short months away.  But in reality, I’ll never feel prepared.  There are always things that will need to be done, and as soon as I cross one thing off the list, I think of something else to add.

I’m currently introducing Andrew to the movie ‘Honey I Shrunk the Kids’ and he seems to be enjoying it.  I can’t believe it came out in 1988…I remember going to the theatre to see it with a friend of mine and her mom!  Wow, that’s dating myself…


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