Queen's Park

Yesterday the boys got home from camping (they were at Golden Ears, and I can’t wait to go for just a day trip because it sounds beautiful) around 10:45 so I made them an early lunch and we spent some time lounging around and chatting about their trip, and what I did while they were gone.  Andrew seemed to do well for his overnight stay at the campgrounds, not super keen on the sleeping arrangements maybe, but he did well.  It was cute hearing his version of events – he particularly enjoyed ‘burning marshmallows on the fire’!  After a while of chatting, Andrew wanted to watch a show so I put one on for him and then James and I sat and relaxed out in the backyard for a while.  It was so nice to sit out there in the comfy recumbent chair and enjoy the nice weather.
 Eventually we got ready, picked up some Subway, and went to Queen’s Park in New West.  Andrew and I checked out the little petting zoo first.  He liked it, but I had to agree with him when he held his nose and said, ‘It stinks in here!’  The heat wasn’t helping the goat odour at all!  Usually I love a petting zoo because of course I’m a sucker for all the cute animals…and the animals WERE cute to me…but I found myself slightly grossed out by the idea of actually touching them.  It’s so weird what pregnancy does to me!  James said he thinks it’s a biological thing, where I’m protecting myself from germs.  Which makes sense, but I’m wondering if there might be more to it than that.  I’m sort of the same way with Fifi, and she’s a house cat, so it’s not like I need to be worried about weird germs or anything with her.  I love Fifi, and I take care of her, but I do feel like most of the time I’d really rather keep my distance from her.  It sort of feels like she’s rodent-like to me during pregnancy – all cats are.  I went through the same thing with both Fifi and Moorka when I was pregnant with Andrew.  It was so weird because until I was pregnant with him, they were considered my babies, but then I got this weird vibe from them and had to keep my distance a bit.  It went away after Andrew was born, but still.  I wonder what causes it?!

After the petting zoo we met up with James where he’d got us a spot for our little picnic.  It was so busy at the park!  We sat down to eat and Andrew noticed a little boy just a year or so older than him, who had a toy he was interested in.  They ended up playing catch together for a good 20 minutes or so.  It was so cute watching them play, and I loved that Andrew went up to the little boy and said, ‘Hi, my name is Andrew!  What’s your name?’  He is so outgoing and I love watching him interact with people.  He’s always the first to go up to everyone to say hello.
It was nice and relaxing just sitting and people watching and enjoying the day.  Eventually Andrew got an ice cream sandwich from the little Treats stand, and then he decided he wanted to venture into the water park.  He got into his swim suit and looked so adorable in it, as well as his Spiderman hat.  He went over to the water park but wasn’t thrilled with how cold it was.  (I found it so refreshing to dip my toes into it!)  He did walk through it a little bit, but not to get soaking wet, just when his feet had no choice but to touch the water!  He’s so funny.  He was more interested in climbing the rocks and walking over the little bridge.  At one point some littler kids were splashing like crazy and Andrew got sprayed.  He freaked and said, ‘STOP DONIN’ (doing) THAT!’ and then he stripped his bathing suit off (he still had underpants on) because he didn’t like that his suit was getting wet!  LOL 
 After a while we decided to go check out the gardens nearby, but we only made it half way.  Andrew hit James with a stick a few times, and then James said if he did it one more time, we were going home.  He did it again…so off we went.  I was OK with it because truth be told, as much as I WANT to be out on adventures and really WANTED to see the gardens, I just couldn’t fathom walking more than I had just from the parking lot to the beginning part of the park.  Sad, but true.  It was also really hot, which is awesome, I don’t want to complain now that the sunshine is here, but not being used to the heat yet made me not really want to be out walking around in it too long.  I just get winded way too easily.

It was really good to have James home after his camping trip for 3 days.  We’re so used to being together all the time, or at least most of the time, and I like it that way!  Although I do feel like the ‘absence made the heart grow fonder’ in a sense!  Not that we don’t appreciate each other on a regular basis, but maybe it rekindled a little something to be apart for a few days.  All I know is, it’s nice to have my boys back home with me, although it was also nice to have some quiet time and to get some things done around our place that I probably otherwise wouldn’t have.


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