Well, putting the crib together was actually really easy – only I’d forgot that we’d transitioned it to a toddler crib long before moving here, so we had the side bed rail but the other side of the crib is somewhere in our storage unit.  I’m going to have to get James to get that out, so unfortunately it will have to be partially taken apart and re-put together.  We don’t need it put together yet anyway, so I just put it together as a toddler bed so I could see how the size would fit in different areas of the room.

It ended up working best in the corner by my side of the bed – which I didn’t think it would, so I was pleasantly surprised when I saw that it JUST fit in the space between the wall and the heater.  I would have preferred to have all the baby stuff in one area, on the other side of the room, but it just doesn’t work with our furniture.  I think the set up will work quite nicely given our space issue, and it’s just for the first 4 months anyway.  I think it will work out well that the babies are so close to me, anyway, since I’ll no doubt be wanting to check on them a lot in the beginning.  Their change table will be across from our bed, and I was able to fit everything so our cedar chest can still be at the foot of the bed, which is a good thing since I had NO IDEA where it would go otherwise.  I think it’s all going to work out just fine, I actually feel a lot better about how it’s coming together than what I thought I would.  Once James gets the crib properly put together, I’ll also get him to put the shelf up above it, and I’m going to decide how I want to decorate above the change table.  Maybe just something simple, like some wall decals or something that make sense for little ones but aren’t TOO babyish, since it’s still our bedroom, too.

It probably seems ridiculous to most people that I’m decorating this early, but I really feel like I’ll relax more if I know it’s done and I won’t have as much to worry about the closer we get to the due date.  Especially when it’s so much more likely they’ll come earlier than a singleton would.  I also have other organizational things I want to do around our place before their arrival, so if I get their stuff done, I can start to focus on the other, smaller stuff, till everything is ready.

I also did some work on Andrew’s closet.  He’s such a hoarder and every so often his closet gets to the point where you can barely even open it for all the stuff that’s falling toward the closet doors.  I can’t stand it!  He doesn’t like me doing anything with it, but when he’s not here I can get it re-organized, and get rid of the silly stuff – for example, he’ll stuff half-made craft projects, bits of newspapers, random garbage type stuff, basically, into bags, and then puts it in his closet.  He forgets it’s even there, and it’s just useless stuff, but it adds up and makes his closet overflow.  It’s a bit of a problem!!  I got rid of all that junk and rearranged his toys so he might find things better, and play with stuff he’s most likely forgotten about.  I’m glad to have his room freshened up, too.  Best to get it done when he’s not here.  I actually accomplished A LOT, AND managed to relax outside and lounge in between doing chores!


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