Outing to Belcarra

Finally a post about our outing to Belcarra last weekend!
On Saturday we decided to drive up to Belcarra, which is in Port Moody off Ioco.  We’ve been to Buntzen Lake but we wanted to try somewhere different, so we ended up at White Pines Beach.  We found a nice spot by the lake and set up our little picnic area.  Andrew was being all weird at first about going somewhere new and said he just wanted to go to a park he’d been to a hundred times already, but once we got there he was loving it right away.  We brought his bucket and shovel and a bunch of outside toys and he had so much fun just scooping up sand with his shovel and throwing it into the water.  He was pretty self-sufficient with his play time, which was awesome.   He even ventured a little ways away from us (but not too far) and played with some other kids’ beach toys, too.
We had a yummy picnic and mostly James and I sat while Andrew played.  Then I decided to help Andrew make a sand castle, so we went to work on that, and eventually James got in on it too, because I couldn’t keep bending down to work on it.  I love making sand castles, but it’s a little tough for me this year!

James hadn’t brought a swim suit but he was wearing shorts so he decided to go for a little swim, as the water warmed up because the sun finally decided to poke through the clouds.  Actually, it started getting sunny just as we arrived so the timing couldn’t have been more perfect.  Andrew was a bit hesitant to go swimming, but James took him in slowly and eventually he was even wading in all by himself, and seemed so pleased with his accomplishment.  I think if we were to go to the beach more often, he would warm up to the water really quickly.

All in all it was a nice relaxing outing, although when we were getting toward the end of the afternoon, things went a bit awry when Andrew decided to start throwing handfuls of sand at some geese that were trying to sleep on the beach.  We told him not to, but he did it again – then James said, ‘One more time and we’re going home.’  Of course he just HAD to test the waters and did it again…so we packed up and headed for home.  Andrew fell asleep pretty quickly along the way, so we went for a bit of a drive and checked out a picnic area nearby, as well as another park that we’ll probably picnic at in the coming weeks.
I’m glad we got to go for an afternoon picnic, and caught some much needed rays.  Definitely something I want to do more regularly!


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