Outdoor living...

I want to go sit outside but it’s lawn mowing day so it’s too noisy outside.  Apparently all the windows are being washed today, too.  I’d take the boy out somewhere but I’m so freaking tired from barely sleeping a wink last night.  You could say it’s my own fault since I went to bed way too late, but the babies were SO active last night.  I couldn’t fall asleep for well over an hour after going to bed because they were kicking and punching and rolling so much.  I couldn’t get comfortable, and apparently neither could they!  Particularly Baby A…she’s quite the little kicker, Baby B is more of the roller!

Between that and for some reason my legs aching really bad, (probably from the seized up calf muscles I’ve been waking up to more often than not this week…they never get a chance to heal before it happens again!) it was a rough night sleep-wise.  I probably got 3-4 hours and that’s NOT ENOUGH.  I’m tired enough just gestating 2 babies, can’t I get a break?!

It’s supposed to rain all weekend apparently, and I’m really pissed off about that.  Other than our ultrasound being indoors, every fun thing we have planned for the weekend involves being OUTSIDE.  Outside in the sunshine, more specifically.  I feel duped because we’ve had one really nice weekend – last weekend – and James spent the majority of it camping, so we really only spent a couple of hours enjoying it together on Sunday.  I was so looking forward to a fun summery weekend.  What gives?!?  The forecast shows rain for the weekend, then back to full sun.  What the stupid weather gods don’t seem to get, is that I do a lot better with outings when James is able to be there with me, because I need his help with the boy.  I get too tuckered out when I’m on my own, so we can’t go as far or do as much.  Hopefully they’re wrong, as they often are, and the weather stays bright for the next several days…


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