Office work

I’m hanging out at James’ office till he’s off work.  I’m sitting diagonal to where he sits so I get to watch him while he works (and use his spare laptop!)  It’s strangely relaxing being in this office setting.  I’ve been a SAHM for such a long time now that I’d forgotten how quiet it can be in an office.  It feels peaceful being in a cubicle!  Of course, it’s different when you actually have work to do, not just bumming around like I am!  I have to admit though, there is something calming about how quiet it is...Spending my days with a 3 year old...and soon 2 newborn babies...I have to take quiet when I can!!

I’m downtown because I went for a hair appointment this afternoon.  No major changes, in fact I feel like the cut is barely different at all, just tidied up.  I actually would prefer to just have my hair short where it’s shorter in the back and a little longer at the front like I had done several months back, but I’ve decided to grow it out for now.  I’m concerned I might not get back to the hair dresser before the babies are born, which means the shorter cut would JUST be in desperate need of a trim when they arrive.  It’s not going to be possible for me to get downtown for a hair cut for quite a while after they arrive, I’d imagine.  So growing it out means it (hopefully) won’t be at a super awkward stage when it’s impossible for me to do anything about it.  

I was a bit early getting downtown so I was going to check out The Bay to see what baby things they have.  Only it’s under construction and ALL the escalators are shut off!  The elevators aren’t anywhere near the escalators so I tried walking up them, but got to the main level from the skytrain level and I was DONE.  Didn’t even have the motivation to find the elevator by that point, so I just left.  I checked out Sears and they had some cute baby things but I didn’t get anything.  I don’t want to go too overboard with buying stuff.  Yes, there’s still stuff on my ‘essential to buy’ list, but I didn’t want to get anything today.

My original plan had been that after my appointment, while waiting for James to be finished work, I’d peruse some shops.  I used to always enjoy doing a bit of that after a hair appointment.  This time, however, I found myself completely unable to do that.  It was all I could do to pick up 2 iced coffees and bring one to James at his office.  I’m so glad I messaged him and he suggested I come and sit here at an empty desk, because otherwise I’d have had to find somewhere outside to sit.  It’s CRAZY to me how immobile I feel.  I was literally feeling like my right side, in around where Baby B is, was on fire while I was walking.  Maybe it was a walking cramp of some kind, I don’t know, but I felt like I had to hold my belly up on that side and I was so uncomfortable that I was practically walking like a penguin, and literally EVERYONE was passing me on the street.  It’s so hard for me, because I’m usually the one walking faster than anyone.  I might not be in the best shape of everyone out there, but I could easily win a speed-walking competition, because I naturally walk really fast!  Now, I’m like a slug.  It’s not an easy transition for me, I find it frustrating.

BUT the goal is not to get to places super quickly, or to get anywhere at all if I’m too tired.  The goal is to keep the babies on the inside as long as possible.  So I think I’ll lap up this silent office experience for the rest of the hour, sip my Frappuccino, and read the news!


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