My little sidekick

I’ve taken to having a morning cup of coffee again.  I really feel like it DOES give me a bit of a boost, which I need…Which I need ALL THROUGHOUT THE DAY but…I’ll stick with just the one coffee ;) 

It’s been so hot the past few days, FINALLY totally summer weather.  Andrew’s at an awesome age where he’ll either stay inside and hang out watching a show (and I can completely trust him to not get into any mischief, he’s so great that way…also our living room is right beside the backyard so I can hear him and still talk to him) or (the more usual scenario) he’ll join me out in our backyard and I’ll sit in the comfy recumbent chair and sip my coffee while he plays with his outdoor toys or, his favourite, he waters the plants (and the ground, and his toys, and the candles…) with our water sprayer thingy.

It sounds so peaceful and relaxing it’s not totally – lol…He’ll decide suddenly to spray ME or he’ll start freaking out because he saw a FLY and he HATES FLIES, or the mosquitoes will be particularly bad that morning (I have at least 8 bites, all collected in the last 3 days…although at least 3 are from a picnic we had last night at Deer Lake).  BUT for the most part, it can be really quite enjoyable, and I love taking in the relative quiet and being able to relax for at least 5 minutes while the boy plays.  I know my days like these are limited the closer we get to having TWINS so I have to enjoy it while I can!

People have been asking me if we’re going to ‘put Andrew in school early’ now that we’ll be having twins.  For example, pre-school starting this fall when he’ll be almost-four, and then Kindergarten when he’s almost-5.  But the answer is NO.  It’s as if Andrew will be such a hindrance to me that I’d be happy to be rid of him through the days so I could just focus on the twins.  Now, I know that in the very beginning – from those with twins and older children that I’ve talked to about it – there are challenges to handling newborn twins AND taking care of a 3 year old.  Totally understandable.  We’re going from Andrew and I spending all our time together, to me juggling twin babies and somehow managing to also feed and look after him.  Yes, it’s going to be hard – especially since I want to try so hard not to have him feeling left out or forgotten, which I KNOW will be challenging in the beginning because of how needy the babies are going to be, and how crazy sleep-deprived this Momma will be. 

BUT I am not ready to even entertain the idea of shipping Andrew off to school to make things a little easier for me!  In fact, I think doing so would make things harder…It would definitely tear at my heart strings to have him away from me for such long stretches every day when ultimately he doesn’t NEED to be!

It’s a moot point this year ANYWAY since it’s too late to enroll a child in pre-school for this fall.  But I’m so glad we opted NOT to go that route this year.  I feel like it’s already an adjustment for Andrew dealing with me being pregnant and not being able to do all the same things I’d usually be able to do.  Then the babies will be arriving, and that’s going to be the biggest life-change for all of us, ever.  So to throw starting pre-school a month or two before the twins arrive into the mix seems like WAY TOO MUCH.  IF he goes to pre-school, I’m thinking maybe just a couple of days a week for a half day and that’s it, it would be not this fall but the next one, when he’s almost-five rather than almost-four.  That might ease his transition into Kindergarten the following year, when he’ll be almost-six.  He’ll be 5 for the first 4 months of being in Kindergarten, and I think that’s a far better age to start than being 4 for the first 4 months.  I just don’t see the need for him to start school earlier than he needs to.  EVERY parent of a child who has been-there, done-that, says that once kids start school ‘everything changes’.  I want my little boy to have as much time at home with me as he can, and also bonding with his sisters, and just being a kid.

Of course every child has their moments and I’m sure there will be days when I’ll think, it would be so much easier if he was in school right now!  BUT Andrew is also going to be such a great big brother, and I see him being a huge help to me.  He’s always so keen to do little things for me, even now I’ve noticed how much he helps me out.  I sometimes have trouble getting up from sitting down, so I’ll ask him to go get something for me or do the little things that are easy for him to do but would take much more effort for me.  Not saying I use him as a little work horse because I don’t take ADVANTAGE of the things he can do to help me!  But I think he’s going to be at such a great age for becoming a big brother, and I’m so happy that he’s going to be able to be home with me, experiencing all of it.  I don’t expect it’ll be a piece of cake, but I’m happy with the way everything seems to be falling into place, and I’m glad that I’ll have my boy by my side!


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