Lunch in White Rock

(I wrote this on Saturday but never got around to posting it...)

Technically I should have had a great sleep through the night last night since Andrew wasn’t here, but for some reason I had a really terrible headache through the night that kept me awake.  Luckily, though, it was gone by morning.  James and I sat and had tea/coffee together and chatted, listened to music (of our choice, no boy requesting (read: demanding) certain songs only!) and we had a leisurely breakfast.   Then we got ready and headed out to White Rock.
 I’d been there before (once, for a wedding), but not for several years.  We checked out the beach and then walked along the main strip and decided on a restaurant called Pearl Bistro.  I had a yummy Arugula and Brie Eggs Benedict and James had a Portobello Mushroom Burger that looked really good.  I wanted to devour my entire brunch dish but my stomach just won’t hold as much as I want to eat.  I have to eat much smaller meals more frequently now, which doesn’t work great when eating out, but I ate what I could and James finished the rest!
We bought this cute thing for our garden, I would liken it to a wind chime but it doesn’t actually have any chimes, instead it has feathers that whirl around and the feathers are tails on these cute little buffalo.  Sounds weird but it’s really cute, I’ll have to take a picture of it once we have it up outside!  I liked that we got a cute little keepsake of our outing.  And I just realized it’s made out of wood, which is quite fitting since the gift for 5 years of marriage is supposed to be wood.
 We were going to get some ice cream but our parking was up and we decided to hit the road and check out a place called Crescent Beach.  Only we got there and discovered everyone else already had the same idea – it was packed and there was literally no parking to be found ANYWHERE.  It looked like a nice spot, so one day we’ll definitely go back to check it out.  It was probably for the best that we didn’t stick around, anyway, because by that time I was already starting to get hungry again, and I’d no doubt need to go to the bathroom again fairly soon if I started walking around.  I have zero bladder capacity these days!

I enjoyed the drive there and back because James was my chauffer.  It was so nice to get out and enjoy some sunshine in a ‘new’ place, White Rock felt so far removed from every day life somehow, and I liked that. 


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