Long weekend (veggie) BBQ + notes on nesting!

Today we got together with some friends from our university days, who we met in residence.  They moved to Toronto but we’ve got together with them a few times over the years when they’ve been in town.  We got to meet their cute little 7 month old boy, and it was fun seeing Andrew interact with them.  He was a little shy around the baby, but was happy to give him a little toy fire truck as a present.  He wasn’t shy at all around any of the adults, and there were lots of people at the party.  I think he’s just not sure with babies because they can’t do much so he doesn’t know how to interact with them.  However, he will learn soon enough with his 2 sisters!!

It’s so funny watching Andrew at parties, because unlike me who is socially a tad on the awkward side when it comes to hanging out with lots of people I’ve never met before, he is not the least bit shy and just goes up to people and says, ‘Hi, I’m Andrew!’  Then he’ll strike up a conversation by talking about what shirt he’s wearing or something along those lines.  People are always instantly charmed by him!  It also happened to be one of our friends’ grandpa’s 80th birthday, so there was cake, and as soon as Andrew found out we were heading to the kitchen to sing Happy Birthday, he was so excited!  He sat directly across from the grandpa, and ended up with the first piece of chocolate cake…which he requested ice cream to go with!  LOL  He’s too funny.  James and I could see him from the living room, but we weren’t even in the same room and he just happily sat there with a room full of people he’d only just met, eating his cake and answering questions people asked him.  I love watching him from a bit of a distance to see how he interacts with people.  He never even glanced in our direction to see where we were, he always feels so secure with his surroundings.

In other news, my nesting has made a little bit of progress.  Still a long ways to go and I definitely feel a time crunch for getting it all done.  I’m actually contemplating getting James to put the crib together maybe next weekend so it’s done and I can set up the side of the room that’s going to be the nursery.  Not because I expect the twins to come too early, but because logistically, I honestly don’t think I’ll be up for much decorating after a few weeks from now, tops.  Today I had a really hard time walking around much at all, and just walking a couple of blocks to a park in the afternoon, I honestly wasn’t sure if I’d be able to make it back.  I was HURTING, I could really feel it in my belly and it wasn’t good.  I really can’t do too much in a day, and I have to play it safe to make sure the babies stay in as long as possible.

Anyway, this morning I convinced James to take all the heavy stuff out of the lower part of our bedroom closet and vacuum it out for me.  He never thinks to do stuff like that, but I think it’s important every once in a while to do things like that, because dust bunnies collect up even in places you never see, and in my opinion, dust bunnies attract bugs.  Although my motivation wasn’t just a general cleaning, but rather so I could try to reorganize the closet to fit more into it.  I ended up doing a pretty good job of it (with James as my work horse for the heavy lifting aspect!)  There’s still some work to be done, but I’m getting somewhere at least.  I have a lot more I need to find room for in the closet, and it’s pretty full as it is, but I know I can do it!

I just can’t stop my nesting obsession.  I have a long list in my head of what HAS to get done.  I have to stop procrastinating and just start flying at it so I can relax.  Will I ever relax, though?  Probably not!  But at least I’ll feel better knowing I’m as prepared as I can be.  Once the twins get here I have no idea how I’ll even be able to keep up on the very basics, let alone anything else, so I might as well get as organized now as I can!

I just wish I was better at parting with STUFF.  I need someone to come in and urge me to part ways with things to free up space.  Everything means something to me, yet how often do I ever go through the stuff that has sentimental value?   Couldn’t a picture suffice?  Could I get to the point where I could, say, take pictures of all the things that have that sentimental value, then make a photobook of all those ‘treasures’, and then let them go?  Or would it be too painful to look through the photobook because it would remind me of all the treasures I’d gotten rid of?!  I wonder if I’m onto something with the photobook idea…Maybe it IS time to do a major purge?  Am I up for it though?!  I don’t really know…Maybe ‘finding room’ for things is the way to go, and when we move next year I can force myself to purge lots of stuff…Hmm, this has me thinking at least!


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