Today (well, Thursday) I got a few maternity tank tops and another dress.  It’s so HOT out and I only have a few t-shirts that fit.  I’m thinking I’m mostly going to be living in my dresses soon…Baby A in particular HATES it when I wear pants!  Because of how big my belly is getting, even with the maternity stretchy waist thing they tend to dig in a bit when I sit down and I have to re-adjust them or she punches till I do.  It’s cute, but at the same time I feel her pain.  So most of the time, dresses it will have to be.

I’m feeling movements now waaay above my belly button, I would say about 3 inches or so above.  It’s crazy how big the babies are getting, and how much rolling and kicking and squirming I feel.  I love how different their movements feel, so I’m generally able to tell which one is doing what.  I love how even though I haven’t actually met them yet, I feel as though I am getting to know them just by their little personalities on the inside.  It’s strange, but instinctual somehow.  I know how Andrew was in the womb, and once I met him and got to know him I started saying, I should have KNOWN it was him all along!  He totally IS who he was in there.  It’s hard to explain but I find it interesting!

We’re going for a 3D/4D ultrasound this weekend…We decided to go for it because we thought it might be cool with twins, to try to see some images of them together if possible.  We also want to verify the sexes…90% is fairly certain, but we want to be more sure if possible.  I’ve already bought several matching outfits (including THE CUTEST EVER ‘jeans leggings’ – seriously way too cute!) so I really want to see that truly there ARE two girls in there!  I’m nervous…but also excited knowing we’ll get to see better images of what their faces actually look like, which seems so amazing.  I don’t have the highest hopes that we’ll get to see as much of Baby A as Baby B because I’m pretty sure she’s still head down and right above my cervix – which is awesome for delivery, but not so great for actually seeing her in there!  But we’ll see how it goes…

We have some really fun weekend plans over all and I’m looking forward to it.  I want to do something fun with Andrew tomorrow too.  I have a few ideas already.  Simple things, close to home, but fun nonetheless.  I’m loving summer!


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