Friday the 13th

I honestly feel sick to my stomach from today’s events.  I waited around as long as I could but by about 1pm I’d had enough and just couldn’t stay here anymore, knowing the cat was right outside our window like that.  I left a note on our intercom for the SPCA to give directions for where to find it, and Andrew and I headed out.  I had planned on taking him to the park, but I was so totally out of it from being so wrought up that we just went over to my mom’s.  I ended up having a bit of a nap and just tried to think about other things. We came home just after 5 and I noticed the note was gone from the intercom so I figured that meant the SPCA person had come and gone.  I peeked through the blinds when we got in and unfortunately it was still there.  I was totally beside myself, I couldn’t stand the sight of it.  I called the SPCA emergency number and right away they knew what I was talking about and said someone was on their way, and sure enough a few minutes later I peeked out for one second and saw the guy in uniform, but I quickly closed the blinds again because I didn’t want to watch the poor thing get taken away.


Luckily James got home a few minutes later.  I’d made him a salad for supper, it was all I could muster because I felt so awful from what had happened.  I barely ate today, which is crazy for me since I’m always hungry.  I just couldn’t.  We went and washed the van since it really needed it, and I really needed to be away from our place, even though the cat was gone – I just felt yucky from the whole thing.  Andrew loved helping wash the van!  Then I fed the boy some soup at his request (it seems like way too hot a day for soup, but it’s what he wanted!) and then off the boys went to the park.  I had a bath and then cleaned out the freezer and the fridge (I’ve been putting it off but couldn’t any longer, and I needed something to keep my mind focused).  I sort of just feel like staring off into space and zoning out.

It felt like such a long day.  I’m glad it’s the weekend now, I can get a bit of extra sleep in the morning and then we have our ultrasound to look forward to.  Tomorrow has to be a better day!


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