Flying at it

We’re having some friends over in a few.  Their little baby is getting bigger, I can hardly wait to see him (and hold him!!)

In preparation for their visit and also just because, I got a ton of chores done around the house.  It feels pretty clean, and I’m happy because this means I won’t have to do some of the more menial tasks through the week.  I can focus more on continuing with my preparing for the arrival of babies!

I’ve been told by several been-there-done-that moms of multiples to get everything done, or at least as much as possible, by 25 weeks.  I’m 24 weeks today.  Eek!!  Time is a-ticking, and I’m definitely feeling it.  I also totally understand why they said by 25 weeks, since I’m already feeling pretty darn huge and tired.  It’s weird how it’s different from one day to the next though, maybe it depends on the positions of the babies or something.   Yesterday we went for a picnic to Belcarra (will post about it once I’ve got my pictures uploaded) and I became completely winded while making sandwiches to take with us.  WTF?!  I was standing in the kitchen, but literally had to sit in between making each sandwich because  I could barely breathe!  Absolutely ridiculous, it was as if I was running on a treadmill, not spreading ingredients onto bread! 

Yet today, while I do feel kind of tuckered out from it, I managed to clean the bathroom, dust, vacuum, wash the floors, and do a general tidy, and I was no more out of breath than I was yesterday making egg salad sammies.  I don’t get it!!

We had planned to meet our friends at the park for a picnic lunch today, but of course we’re once again back to rain.  It’s SO ANNOYING how miserable the weather gets on the weekends, I’m totally angered by it at this point.  It’s definitely putting a damper on things – pun intended.  I’m going to be so cooped up in the house in a few months time, for quite a while, and I’d like to feel like I got out as much as I could beforehand.  Our original plan for yesterday was to go to Golden Ears but of course once again it didn’t happen because it wasn’t going to be entirely sunny according to the forecast.  Belcarra is a lot closer to drive to, so it made sense to check it out instead, and I’m glad we went there…But still…I need more fun in the sun!!  Hopefully next weekend…


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