Five years of wedded bliss

It’s July 26, 2012.  Five years ago today was the day before James and my wedding.  FIVE whole years!  I can’t believe it’s been that long.  In some ways it feels like it should be longer, not in the sense that my marriage to James has felt endless or like it’s just dragging on (it’s not that way at all!), but because we’ve actually been together for 14 years.  And given we met living side by side in residence, and moved in together less than a year later, it feels like we’ve essentially been married all this time.  However, our wedding was hugely ceremonious and it really felt like it sealed the deal in such a special way.  I have nothing but happy memories from that day.

Five years ago today, it was still 24 hours away, and I was beyond nervous.  I enjoyed a girls trip to the spa for pedicures and some relaxation time to keep my mind off all the anxiety that afternoon, but I was still fairly anxious in anticipation of being the center of attention the next day.  Public speaking isn’t a strength of mine, and here I was preparing to stand in front of everyone I love the most to profess my love and commitment to the one I love the absolute-most!  Talk about scary!
Yet when the time came, everything happened so naturally.  It turns out that it’s not so hard to speak up in front of the people who mean the most to you in the whole wide world, and it actually feels pretty amazing to have brought everyone together for the occasion.  James and I did a pretty good job, if we do say so ourselves, of sharing our vows during the ceremony, and I wonder now why I thought anything could have gone wrong.  When you love someone as truly and as deeply as what we love each other, there’s no way it wouldn’t all fall into place.  I remember standing at the altar on the yacht in the beautifully sunny Vancouver harbour, literally beaming with love.  It was truly magical, and fitting that the yacht was called the ‘Magic Moment.’  I will never forget holding James’ hands, looking into his eyes, hearing his loving words and knowing deep within my heart that our love is real, and it’s forever.  It felt so good to be sharing it with the world, and what better way than to throw an awesome party on a yacht in the summer sun!
There were hugs, there was champagne, speeches, delicious food, laughs, scenic picture-taking, and LOTS of music and dancing.  People I thought I knew so well, I saw dancing like I never knew they could!  It was an incredible night, and to this day people continue to tell us it was hands down the best wedding they’ve ever been to – and some of them have been to a LOT of weddings.

I can’t say it was the best day of my entire life, because I’ve had one of them since, and will be experiencing another in the not so distant future – the birth of our beautiful babies!  But our wedding day is definitely up there, tops on my list of ‘favourite days’, a day that led to us deciding to start a family, and we just so happened to have the most precious baby boy in the universe, fancy that!  And soon our twin girls will be here – it just keeps getting better and better!

There aren’t many things in this world that I’m sure about.  But two things that are for sure are my love for James, and his love for me.  I really couldn’t ask for a better husband, who is also my best friend, and the most devoted and loving father I could imagine for my children.  I’m not just saying this because it’s going to be our anniversary and that’s what people do on that day each year.  This is something I think about – and feel – often.  All the time.  I never forget how lucky I am to have found my soul mate at 18, to feel even more in love with him now than I did then, and to be able to say with confidence that he is the one, MY one and only, forever and always.

To quote our song, James, You’re My Everything!

Happy 5 year anniversary of wedded bliss on Friday!


Love, Elizabeth


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