Babies and kiddie pools

The twins are kicking up a storm lately.  It’s getting more and more prominent, all the hard kicks, punches, rolling around.  Sometimes I’ll look down at my belly and I can see it moving back and forth, one baby to the other.

It’s cute, and reassuring – James asked if I’ve been listening to their heartbeats on the Doppler lately but I said no because between seeing them on the 3D u/s last weekend and feeling them move constantly, I’m not too worried about them at this stage!  I know they’re both in there and, well, kicking!

But it’s getting increasingly challenging at night time.  It takes extra long for me to fall asleep these days because as soon as I lay down, they become so active.  I lay on my left side and baby A kicks, I used to be able to lay on my right side and not feel as much but the past few nights as soon as I roll to the right, Baby B is every bit as kicky as A.  I can’t get comfortable!  I just have such a hard time sleeping sitting up, so I’m not sure what I can do to make sleep easier.

I’m so glad it’s Friday, meaning it’s going to be the weekend.  I’m just crossing my fingers that the weather is going to be nice.  So far we’re looking at rain all weekend, which is really pissing me off.  Why does it keep being nice during the week, and then the weekends have crappy weather?  It’s putting a major cramp in my outdoor family time plans!

Yesterday Andrew and I went to Toys R Us to look for a kiddie pool for the backyard.  Last time we were there, they had a massive selection of so many types, but yesterday there were literally 3 pools left, 2 Disney Princess and one Cars.  We got the Cars one, and by the time we were leaving the store, there was only one pool left!  We set it up in the backyard and I put warm water in it to entice Andrew (he’s not into cold and refreshing!)  I knew he would absolutely LOVE hanging out in his new pool, and of course he did.  I sat at the edge and had my feet in it, perfect.  When the boy woke me up this morning the first thing he said (well, after ‘GET UP!’) was, ‘Let’s fill up the pool and have a pool party again!’  Unfortunately the weather isn’t looking conducive to a pool party today, but I love that he’s digging it.  I foresee us getting lots of use out of it this summer, especially the bigger I get and less I want to venture far.  I LOVED the kiddie pool we had when I was a kid, and I’m glad we’re able to carry on the tradition with Andrew.


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