3D ultrasound at 23 wks

 Above: both babies are head down!
And here's Baby B with her legs all squished up to her head - the tech said, 'She's kissing her knee' :)
 Baby A was shy and kept putting her hand in front of her face!
 We had our 3D ultrasound of the babies today, and it was confirmed we are indeed having 2 girls!  I was so relieved (given I’ve had a few weeks of believing them to be 2 girls, and buying matching girl things for them!)  I was a little nervous at first because within a minute of starting the u/s, the technician said what sounded like, ‘Here are the two brothers!’ but because of her thick accent (Russian, maybe?) she was actually saying, ‘Here are the two BLADDERS!’  As soon as she said it, I said, ‘OH’ and both James and my mom were questioning what she said, but we got confirmation that no, it was BLADDERS, not brothers, and within another minute she was telling us that both babies were girls.  Phew!

Here's Baby B above Baby A, with Baby B's leg up in the middle, and Baby A has her hand near her forehead.
 Acrobatics - Baby B's leg is straight up in the middle of the picture!
 I’m glad we got the 3D ultrasound because I really wanted the confirmation and also to see them together, which we did get to see, whereas in our ‘general’ u/s’s at the hospital, they never seem to try to show the babies together.  But with it being twins, it was impossible to get clear images of either of them, which was a bit disappointing.  Basically there needs to be a particular amount of fluid around the babies for clear images, but because they’re squished in there and they’re both right near 2 giant placentas, it’s difficult to get the clear images you see with singletons.  She said they look comfortable in there and there IS enough fluid, it’s just that there isn’t the space.  It was pretty expensive, but over all I feel like it was worth it, and I think my parents were pretty pleased with getting to see their 2nd and 3rd grandbabies like that!  We also have a cd of pictures/video clips, and the whole hour on DVD to show the rest of our family.
 Baby A was pointing at something!

Now I feel like I can really plan for our girls!  It was so cute seeing them so close together, even though they are in separate sacs it looks as though they cuddle up to each other quite a bit.  I know, it’s not like they have anywhere else to go but right next to each other, but seriously, they are pretty darn adorable if I do say so myself!


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