24 week check-up

Yesterday I had my 24 week OB appointment.  I’m measuring 32 weeks, which is normal with twins.  But at this rate, by my next appointment at 28 weeks, I will most likely be measuring at least 40 weeks, possibly farther.  So, at full term or over for a singleton pregnancy.  Yikes!!

I already feel as if I am full term, I don’t remember getting much bigger than this with Andrew.  But I think it’s because I’m also a lot wider in the belly, since it’s accommodating 2 babies instead of one, and they’re essentially side by side.  It’s really hard for me to imagine how I’m going to be feeling in the coming weeks.

Despite how much bigger the babies are getting and how much my belly is expanding, I actually lost weight since my last appointment.  When you get to the clinic you give a urine sample and they weigh you, before you go in to see the doctor.  When I was weighed I saw that my weight was down – not by much, maybe a couple of pounds.  But I was taken aback since obviously I feel like I’ve put on a lot, not shed some!  I meant to ask the OB about it but completely forgot.  She’s never once mentioned my weight, so I would say there’s nothing to be concerned about.  My guess is that I’m eating pretty well, but since there are 2 babies taking all the nutrients from me, they just strip me bare and it’s impossible to eat enough for all 3 of us.  I’m finding lately that while I WANT to keep eating and sometimes still feel hungry after I eat, I can’t fit any more into my stomach, I guess because it’s squished by babies!

Both babies heart rates were in the 160 range, as per usual.  The OB liked that both babies were head down during the 3D u/s we had, and she said that while at this stage it’s still totally possible for one or both babies to change positions, given that Baby A has always been head down, there’s a really good chance we’ll be able to have a vaginal birth.  She said even by this stage, although it CAN change, the babies sometimes don’t bother trying to switch positions too much because they’re already getting fairly squished in there together.  So fingers crossed they stay in a head down positions, particularly Baby A. 

I asked her more about the epidural that they seem to want to push on me…I felt better about it because she said that they can insert the catheter thing for it, but not administer any drug until the very last minute (before pushing) if that’s what I want.  (Assuming, of course, that all is going well).  She said they can also do a low dose epidural, called a ‘walking’ epidural, which means I’d still be able to feel my legs and move around if I wanted, I would just be more comfortable in terms of the pain.  I felt better about it because even though they would STRONGLY discourage not getting any epidural at all (which honestly would be my ideal), I do feel like I have a say in when it happens, and what the level is.  I was in touch with my midwife from when I had Andrew for her advice, and while she’s obviously a strong advocate against epidurals, she said she’s never been present for a twin pregnancy where an epidural wasn’t given, and she actually said in this case she DOES recommend getting it.  She said she doesn’t believe an epidural alone is enough to interfere with breastfeeding, and because I successfully breastfed Andrew for as long as I did, there’s no reason to believe I won’t be able to this time around.  So…I feel a lot better about that whole issue.  As well, BC Women’s sounds so progressive – since twins have to be heart rate monitored during labour, they’ve actually just installed wireless monitors in all the rooms, so I don’t have to be strapped to a machine that prevents me from being able to move, which is pretty cool.

I asked her about ‘doing too much’ and she said in her opinion it’s totally fine to go about my regular daily routine, whatever I can handle since obviously I’m too tired to do a lot, which she said is totally normal in a twin pregnancy by this stage.  She said that it’s not realistic, especially when you have a child already, to have your feet up constantly, and it’s not something I should have to worry about unless there are signs of preterm labour, which at this point there aren’t.  What I liked though is that she said, ‘However, if you need a doctor’s note for getting out of laundry and cooking dinner, I can get that for you easily!’  LOL  Awesome!!

I’m feeling pretty good about how everything is going.  The lack of energy definitely gets me down at times, but over all everything is going so well, so I really can’t complain.  Two baby girls!!  I’m getting more excited (and slightly freaked out!) all the time =)


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