145 years

Backtracking a bit, I realized I didn’t post anything about Canada Day.
When we got up we weren’t sure about the weather because of course it was sprinkling with rain, as per our usual here on the ‘wet coast’.  It gets on my nerves more and more every day that we’re lacking in sunny weather.  But anyway…we decided we really wanted to make the most of the day, despite whatever the weather chose to do.  Luckily it ended up clearing up shortly after we headed out for the afternoon.
We took Andrew to the Burnaby Village Museum.  He was really excited as soon as we suggested it, because they have a carousel there that he loves to go on.  They also had a huge Canada Day celebration happening, so we knew there would be lots going on.  It ended up being the perfect place to take him.

We thought we might not end up making it there because we couldn’t find parking ANYWHERE.  We finally ended up parking blocks and blocks away in a residential area (I had to wait behind and get picked up after the event because I couldn’t do that much more walking!)  It all worked out though.  There was a long line for the carousel but it went pretty quick and Andrew was very patient waiting with me.  After the ride we went through the village and Andrew saw lots of kids with cotton candy, so we made our way to the very long line to get him (well, and us!) some.  We also got popcorn and some cold drinks and then went to watch a little magic show.  Andrew seemed to find it funny for the first little while, but then he got bored of that, so we checked out some kids’ games they had set up, and he played some of those.  There was one where you take little stuffed toys and toss them through holes, and the first several toys corresponded with the images on the board beside the holes.  I noticed right away that Andrew was putting the right toy into the right slot.  Then the toys were just random and DIDN’T correspond with the images, and I saw him pause and look through the bucket, searching for toys that matched.  He realized pretty quickly that they DIDN’T match, and just tossed them randomly, but I found it interesting that he was picking up on it, and had been looking to find toys that matched. 
It was pretty busy at BVM and eventually we’d seen all we really wanted to, and I needed to sit down for  a while.  Andrew went on the carousel with James and then we headed out.  When we bought the tickets for the rides, we got a coupon for a free meal at Boston Pizza, so we went there next and had some lunch.  Andrew napped on the way there so once we got to the restaurant he was rejuvenated and was a really good boy during the meal.  After that we dropped him off at my parents’ for a few hours so we could have a few hours to ourselves.  We decided to try to nap, which James did for several hours but every time I fell asleep, the people upstairs woke me up.
I ended up getting up and there was so much racket coming from upstairs that my blood started to boil!  Then I could hear little kids and a baby and was worried that a family had moved in up there.  It might sound funny coming from someone who’s about to be a mother of 3, but it’s SO ANNOYING hearing kids racing around right above your head.  The flooring is HORRIBLE above us, you can literally hear EVERY STEP the people take up there.  Which is REALLY ANNOYING because the guy who lives there is very heavy on his feet when he walks, and he happens to love puttering about (or at least that’s how it sounds) in the middle of the night, most nights.  It’s the one thing I HATE about living here.

But it seemed even worse to have kids running around up there.  I’ve said plenty of times there’s NO WAY we’d be able to live here if we weren’t on the ground floor, because at least for us when Andrew’s running around, it’s the parking garage under us, so it’s not disturbing anyone.  But omg, seriously if a family moved in upstairs, I would have to break our lease and move immediately, that’s how LOUD and totally annoying it was.  I was relieved a few hours later when I could just hear the usual walking around sounds of one or two adults!  I’m still not happy about the middle-of-the-night noise (and concerned we’ll have to say something to them once the twins arrive, because I’ll be totally pissed with how little sleep I’ll be getting then if the neighbour is also waking me up…) but, wow, I really got a taste for what it’d be like with more people living there, and I didn’t like it one bit!

All in all it was a fun Canada Day, and I’m glad the sun decided to come out for it!  Andrew loved wearing fake tattoos all over his body, and seemed to enjoy the celebration, so I’m glad we were able to get out and enjoy the day – and celebrate because we truly live in the greatest country on earth =)


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