We'll say it was the pickles!

Pickles are a cliché ‘pregnancy food.’  I usually LOVE pickles (pregnant or not).  Unfortunately, relatively early in this pregnancy when I was sicker than sick, I made the mistake of eating a few dill pickles, and, well, I’ll spare you the details.  Suffice it to say, I’ve been off pickles ever since and they’ve played no role in ‘cravings’ for me whatsoever.

Tonight I was having my ‘usual’ evening snack as of late – crackers and cheese – and decided to branch out, adding just a few mustard pickles to the mix.  A different type of pickle than that which made me sick, so I figured I’d be OK.  James calls them ‘heartburn starters’ but actually, they didn’t make me sick OR give me heartburn.  Score!

What they did, do, however, was make the babies ACTIVE!  At least, I’m saying it was the mustard pickles.  It could have been a fluke.  Or the delicious iced tea I drank it all down with.  Who knows for sure.  All I know is, there were KICKS happening.  Possibly even punches.  Usually I’ve just felt rolling, somersault type activity, very occasionally a jab that I’d wonder if it could be a foot, but never totally sure.  This was definitely kicking.  And since it seemed to happen sort of ‘all over’, I’m guessing both babies were up to their antics at the same time!

I think it feels a bit different than with a singleton, or maybe it’s just been so long since Andrew was in there at this stage of pregnancy, that I’d forgotten how it felt.  I had a lot more of the ‘fluttering’ feelings and hard, unmistakable kicks that really did feel like little legs and feet hitting at me.  Maybe it will become more like that within the next couple of weeks, who knows.  I wonder, too, if the extra placenta has something to do with things feeling different.  With Andrew, I’m pretty sure the placenta was at the back, so I’d feel everything up front.  Whereas this time around, apparently one is at the back and one is at the front, so it could prevent me from feeling things the same way.  I really don’t know!

I just think it’s adorable that the babies are moving around in there, it’s a weird feeling sometimes, but a totally amazing one!  Or, should I say ‘two’!!


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