Today is the day...

We have our anatomy scan in a little while and I’m feeling SO nervous!  Will I find out I’m having 2 boys?  2 girls?  Or one of each?!  Or will they even be able to tell us?!  I kind of only want to know if they can tell us both, but not if they can only tell with one.

Aaaahhhh, I hate getting so wrought up about something that’s actually really exciting!  I just can’t help it.  It feels like such a big deal, knowing what all my kids are going to be!  Not that it really matters over all, I’ll be happy no matter what, but it’s still going to affect me just KNOWING.  This feels so different from when we were having Andrew, since we agreed to not find out, so it wasn’t really an issue at all.

Hopefully all goes well and the babies are growing healthy and strong and hopefully still at the same rate.  I checked their heartbeats a little while ago, and they sound to me to be very strong.

We’ll finally know for sure which is Baby A and which is Baby B!  I’m so excited that we get to see them today!  But soooooo freaked out at the same time!


Janice said…
Sooooooooooo.............??????? lol

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