Tantrums and shopping

Today we drove around to check out some children’s consignment stores.  I’ve been to consignment shops before, but not children-specific ones, and I didn’t really know what to expect in terms of both selection and price.

I have to say that I was kind of disappointed with what we saw.  The first place wasn’t even there anymore, so that was a bust, and the other two…They just weren’t ‘it.’  I found the prices to be quite high considering the stuff was all used.  I know what the prices tend to be at places like Children’s Place, Old Navy, Carter’s, etc, and I felt like I could buy everything new for very little more than used.  And you could tell most of the stuff had been washed a lot, so it’s not like everything looked brand new.

I did get a set of onesies that looked brand new  that also came with a shirt and little pair of ruffled pants, that were all mix and match so the twins can be somewhat matching when they wear them.  And they’re for newborns, so they should fit relatively soon after birth hopefully.  But that was the extent of my purchases.  I think I just want to find something that isn’t Babies R Us, but that also isn’t the high end baby stores that are unaffordable on W 4th.  I’ll keep looking!

Andrew had a HUGE tantrum before we left.  We’re talking HUMUNGOUS.  Gargantuan!  It was crazy, and continued on and on…and on…for about 45 minutes.  What was his tantrum regarding, you might wonder?  The fact that I would not put his shoes on for him!!!!!

It’s getting hard for me to bend certain ways with my belly, so we’re trying to teach Andrew that there are things he should be doing himself, that we know he CAN do himself because sometimes he does, so that I don’t have to be doing everything for him.  I told him, pretty soon I literally won’t be able to help with stuff like that, so just put your shoes on and we’ll go!  But he was being SO stubborn about it.  James offered to help him but no, it HAD to be MOMMY.  I couldn’t give in even though I just wanted to put his damn shoes on so we could go already, because if I did that I’d be sending the message that a freak out would get him his way.  Not going to happen!  It was SO frustrating.  Especially with the mood I was already still somewhat in…It was tough.  But finally he came around, and he ended up wearing his boots, instead, but he put them on himself so we were able to head out.

True to his usual after a huge freak out like that, 5 minutes driving and he was out.  He slept for probably 20 minutes or so till we stopped off at a dollar store for a few things.  He was still tired most of the time we were out, but he was happy enough to peruse the stores with us.  When we were heading home I said to him, ‘Sorry those stores weren’t more fun for you, I thought they would have had more toys for you to play with’ and he replied, ‘Well, they had books, and BOOKS are FUN!’  What a good boy!

Now I really want to start tackling some of the ‘work’ I need to do…but I don’t have the energy.  Maybe a cat nap and then I’ll get started?!  I want to get our closet reorganized so I can get the bureau and wardrobe emptied out.  I have some of Andrew’s baby clothes that are gender-neutral enough to work for girls, and a few new outfits that I’ve got for the girls, so I want to be able to get them stored somewhere that isn’t in a big container sitting in our front hall.  There’s currently no space, so I have to create it.  Now’s a time when I wish we had lots of disposable income – I would hire a professional organizer to come in, take everything out of our closet, and rearrange it just so!  I’m great at creating space, but I always feel like closets end up looking cluttered and so mix-matched.  I need a professional!!!  Or, maybe I’m just feeling too lazy to do it myself.  I think it’s mostly the latter  :P

I have a feeling the weather has something to do with my bit of blahs I’m feeling…When I was getting dressed this morning, it felt eerily similar to October, and it gave me a really negative feeling, probably because last October was the worst month of my entire life ever.  It’s not that it’s cold out, in fact it’s quite muggy, but it’s SO GREY AND DREARY and I hate it.  Where is the freaking sunshine?!

At least we made the most of a couple of hours today.  I’m glad we found the consignment shops and had a look, even though it wasn’t what I’d hoped it would be.  Better to know than to still be wondering!


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