A sunny day after all

The weather turned out to be much nicer today than I’d thought it was going to.  The clouds parted and the sun actually showed itself!  It was actually a little bit muggy, but I loved it.  I was going to take Andrew to the park, but he was jumping on the bed and landed hard on one of his legs, so he was limping a little bit.  After a while he was fine, but he was still compensating because he was worried he would hurt it again.  So the park was a no-go.  Instead, we took a little stroll by the lake and he fed the ducks.  He LOVES feeding the ducks, he thinks it’s the most hilarious thing ever when they catch a little piece of bread in their mouths, or when he throws it and it bounces off one of their heads.  He never tires of it!  There was one duck that was limping and he said, ‘Look Mommy, that duck’s got a sore leg, just like me!’  Awww!  I made sure he got a few pieces of bread to that duck in particular, since I would imagine she could easily get bullied by the healthier ducks.

Next on our list is to be able to play in our backyard, which seems like such a simple thing, but it feels like ages since we’ve had the chance.  Hopefully tomorrow will be another nice day.  I’m not even looking at the forecast because every time I do, it ends up not being at all how the weather turns out anyway, so why bother!  I want to get a little badminton set for Andrew, I think that could be a fun backyard activity for the summer.  Of course, every time the birdie falls he’ll have to pick it up for me since my ever-expanding girth isn’t going to be very forgiving about bending over, but I think it could be a lot of fun to get the boy into badminton!  I’d also like to get him a plastic t-ball set.  I could totally see him joining a t-ball league in a few years, how cute would that be?!

While we waited for James to get home for dinner, I showed Andrew my pregnancy photos from when he was the baby we were waiting for.  As my belly got bigger and bigger in the pictures, he would go, ‘OOoooh, look how BIG it is!’  LOL  Then at dinner time he lifted my shirt up and said, ‘OOoooh, look at how BIG those babies are getting!’  He’s so funny!!  He also goes up to my belly and then acts as if the babies have kicked him and throws himself on the floor and says, ‘Those are stroooong babies!’  Tonight before he went to sleep he said, ‘I’m going to teach the babies all sorts of bad stuff!’  I said, ‘I’m sure you will, and you’ll all gang up on Mommy!’  Oh, I bet I don’t know the half of it!!!  Parents are going to be outnumbered by children, we’d better watch out!


Smelly Danielly said…
‘OOoooh, look at how BIG those babies are getting!’

Janice said…
LOL I love it how he falls on the floor from the babies kicking hahaha Tooo cute!
trista said…
LOL. last paragraph had me chuckling so hard. what a little character he is!!

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