The results!!

So we had our ultrasound…I was SO FREAKING NERVOUS!!

I drove to the appointment to get a feel for how the drive is.  I was pretty proud of myself since I used to be so nervous about driving in Vancouver, but now it really doesn’t bother me.  It also helped keep my mind off WHAT ARE THE BABIES GOING TO BE??!!! which for some reason was stressing me out soooo much!

I kind of just want to keep you all in suspense a little longer, but that’s kind of cruel isn’t it, so I’ll just blurt it out now….We’re having…well, read on to find out ;)

I asked which baby was which, and the tech confirmed that the baby I thought was ‘Baby A’ indeed is, and thus Baby B is Baby B, so I was happy to have my intuition confirmed on that.  Baby B was being more cooperative from the get go, so the technician decided to do the measurements on that baby first.  I was so nervous because she asked if we knew the sexes and we said we were hoping to find out…and a few minutes later she said, ‘See that right there?  That’s a girl!’  It did look pretty obvious, so I’d say we’re pretty well 100% sure BABY B IS A SHE! 

Baby A was far less cooperative, and their positioning was just bad for an ultrasound.  It’s hard, with them being so squished in there together!  Baby B was trying to kick Baby A in the head and Baby A was just really far down.  It turns out Baby A’s head is resting RIGHT on my cervix, which thank goodness is totally closed and apparently it’s normal for one to be like that, it’s nothing to worry about even though it’s still early days.  But being so low down meant the tech couldn’t even see the head properly to measure it!  So she had to do an internal ultrasound just to do the head measurements.  Then she went back to my belly and tried again to get the rest, which wasn’t very easy because Baby A was moving around so much and was not in a good position at all.  I was so worried we weren’t going to be able to find out what Baby A is, but the technician finally was able to get a closer look, and she said she’s 90% sure of her prediction, and that if it turned out to be the opposite, she’d be really, REALLY surprised.  She really did seem very convinced, despite how difficult it was to get a clear image with the baby moving around so much.

So it looks like we’re going to be having….


I was originally hoping for one of each, but now I’m super excited to know there are 2 girls in there.  It just feels right, I can’t quite explain it.  We’ve just been reeling from the news the whole rest of the day/night.  I was worried I wouldn’t want to share our news with the world right away, because I was a bit upset that I wouldn’t like the surprise element being taken away.  But…I actually feel MORE excited now than I did before, and I was pretty darn excited before!  The way we told our families was through Andrew.  We told him first, and he told my parents (he stayed at their house for the appointment – although I plan on taking him to the next one, in 4 weeks), and then we called everyone else and Andrew said, ‘I’ve got some big news!  We’re having 2 babies and they’re both girls!’  It was pretty darn cute!  And everyone was so happy. 

It’s going to be so great having our boy and then our 2 girls. I feel more than ever now that everything had to happen the way it did for us so it would work out this way.  I always hoped to have a daughter, and now I’m having two at once!  And I think it’s kind of special how Andrew gets to be my only boy.  I love telling him he’s my ‘biggest bestest boy in the whole wide world’ since day one I’ve been telling him that as a sort of ‘term of endearment’, and now I’ll always be able to tell him, whereas if I was having another son (or two!) I would have to be careful not to say things like that to make it sound like I’m playing favourites!  So it all works out.

Now, I have to go order a few cute MATCHING TWIN GIRL OUTFITS on Etsy!!!!!

For memory’s sake, Baby A’s heart rate was 152 bpm, Baby B’s was 160 – about the same as they have been all along, with Baby A’s having increased slightly.  They’re both over the 50th percentile in terms of their size/growth, and look/measure to be perfectly healthy.  Baby B’s waistline is apparently a tiny bit bigger than Baby A’s!  But otherwise they’re pretty much still measuring exactly the same, which is awesome.  Everything looks GOOD!  Cutest twin girls EVER!

Oh and we’re not sharing the names till they’re born, but tonight already James and I actually agreed on a second girls name – first and middle – and we have decided already which baby will have which name, so they are named and perfect and I couldn’t be happier!!!


Lojo said…
YAAAY! Congrats! :)

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