Obsess much?

I had to just feed my obsession and get the stroller buying over with once and for all.  I’m still obsessing over it, how ridiculous is that?!  It’s a freaking stroller, for crying out loud!  I was going on and on about it to James last night, as well as things from my ‘list of essentials’ to get before the babies arrive.

Luckily James just smiles and laughs it off, and listens patiently!  It could be a lot worse – I could have continued to obsess over getting the top-of-the-line City Select.  So at least what I got seems like a steal of a deal because it’s about one sixth of the cost of what we would have been looking at with the more expensive strollers.

I went back to Babies R US and wasn’t entirely thrilled with the service…It was OK, but the person I dealt with yesterday was way more knowledgeable and professional, which I would have preferred.  But I know, it’s Babies R Us, not a high end baby store!  I checked out the one I was originally thinking of getting, for $269, and I was pleasantly surprised to find out the matching car seats were ‘only’ $150 each, which is cheap for car seats, sadly.  However, when I saw the rigmarole the woman was going through trying to get the infant car seats to attach to it, I realized I didn’t like that stroller option anymore.  It was ridiculous, and then the sales clerk started dissing that model and said it’s a piece of crap, so I couldn’t really go ahead and buy it after that!

I ended up getting an even cheaper stroller, the Graco Duoglider, which I’ve actually heard a lot of good things about.  It’s certainly not on the same playing field as the more expensive options, but there’s actually something about the tandem strollers I prefer over the side by side ones.  I’m not sure exactly what it is, but it just felt right.  I also loved the pattern of the fabric, which is a little more ‘fun’ than just the plain, boring black ones.  It was on sale (the sale started today, too, because it wasn’t on sale when I was there yesterday!) for $199, and the car seats were on sale for $179 each.  The car seats match the pattern of the stroller, so it all looks perfect together.  I decided to just go for it and get the whole entire shebang and then it’s dealt with and I can move onto the next thing.  I’m waiting for James to come home to put it together for me, because I did too much today as it is with carrying the heavy boxes into our place from the car (which I really probably shouldn’t have done, but I didn’t want to just leave big expensive boxes of stuff in the van all day!)  I also did a lot of walking around and stuff today and I feel like I over did it a bit.  I felt really winded today even before going to the store, maybe the babies are pushing on things and it’s causing me to feel winded?!  I’m not sure, but I’m pretty tuckered out – too tired to put the stroller together, which says a lot because usually I get something and I HAVE to have it assembled IMMEDIATELY!  It’s not like we NEED the stroller put together right away, but in order to put it away it would be easier to have it assembled.  Luckily I’m positive it will fit in our hall closet…once James takes a couple of things down to our storage unit!

So at least that’s 3 very essential items off my list – stroller and 2 car seats.  Done!  Most of the rest is just ‘little stuff’, although being the obsessive person I am, knowing the list is rather long makes it seem like the little stuff is bigger than it is.  I want to find some children’s consignment shops and see if I can find some good deals on things, you never know.

Can you tell I’m totally in my nesting phase now?!  James said he finds it interesting that as soon as I found out that the babies are girls, I immediately wanted to start nesting.  And it’s true, too.  I felt like once I knew, I could really get at it and get stuff prepared.  Now if only my energy level matched the motivation I have in my mind to get everything done…Slowly but surely, it will happen!!   


Trista said…
so glad you found an awesome stroller!
We scored a super nice, awesome rollin' BabyJogger (same brand as the City Select), for HALF PRICE after christmas last year. so sweet.
what else is on your essentials list? Do you have or are interested in a carrier or wrap at all? we liked the Moby wrap for when C was teeny, and as he got bigger we loved (and still do love!) the Ergo.
Elizabeth said…
My essentials include a double electric breast pump (not looking forward to the expense of that so I'm putting it off till as late as possible!), probably a swing (although I may be able to borrow one or get one cheap from someone so I'm waiting on that too!), then little things like mitts in case they scratch their faces like Andrew did as a newborn, a breastfeeding cover-up, sleep sacks/swaddlers, a few bottles for when I pump, that sort of thing. Nothing really major, but for some reason I'm obsessing over all of it!!

I have a sling that Andrew took to pretty well as a baby that I'll test out on one twin at a time. I'm not opposed to a carrier or wrap, but I'm going to wait and see as if the babes are born early they might be too small for one at first anyway. Also I don't know if I'll want one in a carrier and one not, or if that might make things easier. Andrew HATED being confined to a carrier so we got rid of the one we had, but maybe the twins would take to one! I definitely don't want one that carries both twins at once, at least not once they're getting bigger! I've seen them online but I just can't see how it would work!! Will definitely look into the Moby wrap and Ergo if/when the time comes.

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