My complaint about the weather

I know yesterday was the ‘official first day of summer’ but it really only hit me today that it’s ALMOST JULY.  We have had such crummy weather this spring in Vancouver (and surrounding areas), with several ‘decent’ days but certainly NOTHING to brag about.  Yesterday was really nice and warm and sunny and then today we’re back to full cloud cover with a chance of rain.  The forecast seems to change hourly so you never know for sure what it’ll be, but rain seems to be the standard in these parts.  I’m SO sick of it.

Now in the news they’re saying that it’s going to be a very hot and dry summer right across Canada.  Can’t we have a happy medium?!  I’m going to be hugely pregnant through the summer months, and while I’d prefer little rain, I’m not so sure about record-breaking heat.  Many days in a row of SUN, but not overly hot, would be very much appreciated!  Of course, that’s sort of why spring used to be my favourite season around here.  It seemed like the best of both worlds.  Getting warmer but not too hot to handle.

It’s officially SUMMER, and we completely missed out on all the spring blooms in our garden.  We literally sat out in our little backyard two times during the entire spring, because it was never really nice or warm enough to be out there for more than a couple of minutes.  I hope the weather improves soon so we can start enjoying it – especially knowing this is the last summer we’re going to live in this place.  It’s such a sanctuary in our backyard, it’s a shame to not be out there using it.


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