It might have been a mostly grey day, but at least it wasn't raining...

Today we tried to go to a park near our place, but the cottonwood trees were blowing so much that it seriously looked like it was snowing.  It was going everywhere, including a lot into the van just in the span of time I was getting Andrew out of his car seat.  The slides were wet anyway from it raining recently (because, you know, it’s ‘only’ early June, so of course we’re still in the thick of crappy weather…sigh) so Andrew decided he wanted to just go home.  He looked so dejected because we’d brought his little parachute guy from Science World and he was looking forward to throwing him off the side of the playground.

So instead of just heading home, I suggested we try a park we hadn’t been to since last summer.  When we went before, we rode our bikes, but since I’m not in a bike-riding state these days (not to mention Andrew’s bike seat is attached to his Daddy’s bike, not mine – not that it would have made a difference!) we drove.  I think Andrew had forgotten about this park, so it felt like we were going somewhere new.   And it just so happened that the cottonwood was minimal, and therefore tolerable.

There were some high school boys who were skipping school playing on the playground when we got there.  Actually, they were smoking…I think they were trying to be badass, but they just looked like young kids to me!  Amazing the difference about 15 (OK, probably more like 17!) years make!  LOL  I was a little annoyed that they were hanging out on the playground, and didn’t leave when we got there, but they had enough sense to put out their cigarette, and were relatively pleasant and acknowledged Andrew and humoured him a little when he ranted on about his Parachute, where we got it, and how it was too cottonwood-y at the other park so that’s why we were there instead.  LOL  Andrew is a chatterbox to anyone who will listen…unfortunately, sometimes people DON’T listen, but these kids were pretty good about it.  They probably only caught half of what he said since he talks a mile a minute in his little boy voice that only mommy understand 99% of!  (Although in his defence he talks great and is mostly coherent to others!)

We played at that park for quite a while, and Andrew sort of played with a few boys his age who arrived after the big kids left (because they decided not to skip Social Studies – Haha!)  Then we decided to hit up Dairy Queen, partly because Andrew slept so well through the night last night, and partly because Mommy was craving it =)  We shared a Peanut Buster Parfait.  I prefer a Blizzard, but I was digging the warm chocolate sauce today!  I’ve had very few sweet cravings in this pregnancy, but the past few days I’ve been enjoying a little bit of chocolate.

When we got home Andrew wanted to play out in our backyard, but by then I was sooo tired, and it was freezing cold out there.  We played for about 10 minutes but I couldn’t take it anymore.  After reading about 15 books, I put a show on and I noticed Andrew dozing off so I turned off the TV and we slept for an hour.  Unfortunately it ended up being at a later-than-appropriate nap time, considering his usual bed time, so now I have to get creative to get him active enough that he’ll still want to go to sleep at a relatively early hour.  I needed the sleep myself though, so it had to be done.

I got lots of stuff done this morning AND we went for an outing, so it felt like a pretty successful day over all!


Lojo said…
Lol. Andrew chatting up the bad ass highschool boys is too cute. I was always terrified of older kids when I was little. Glad you're enjoying your new van. :)

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