I hope this coffee does the trick...

I’m so tired this morning that I’m sipping a coffee in hopes it will perk me up.  (No pun intended, haha).  Sooooo tiiiiiiiired.  I probably wouldn’t be this tired if I actually could fall asleep at night and stay asleep, but I’m so freaking uncomfortable when I lay down, it’s so hard to find a good position for the belly.  And the babies like to kick while I’m trying to fall asleep.  Little scamps that they are!

Right now I’m being kicked because of the pants I’m wearing.  They fit, and are maternity wear (I can’t wear anything but!) however when I sit down, because my belly is so big, it digs in right where Baby A is and she doesn’t like it!  Every time I wear these pants lately, she starts using my insides as a punching bag as soon as I sit down.  I have to adjust the seam on the belly of the pants and then she calms down =)

It’s so weird being able to say, ‘SHE’!  And for both babies!!  It’s incredible, really.  Now I DO understand the desire to find out before the birth.  I’m so happy we waited for the surprise with Andrew, since he was our first child it just made sense.  But I’m also so happy that we found out this time.

It’s funny, though – as soon as I found out I was saying how I couldn’t WAIT to go out and start buying pink and purple and all things GIRL.  When it came down to it, though, I ordered the pink matching Former Womb Mates onesies, and then I couldn’t make up my mind on anything!  I even went out to the mall yesterday with the intent to buy some cute outfits for them, and came away with nothing for them whatsoever!  I guess I just don’t want to buy for the sake of buying, I want to get just the right things.  Maybe some more online searching for cute play-on-words onesies is what I should be doing ;)

Now I’m starting to think the stroller we’re set to go look at tomorrow isn’t what I want anymore.   It feels like such a big decision to make, since we’ll be spending in the neighbourhood of $500.  That’s a lot of money and I don’t want to get something I’ll regret.  I wish the Quinny came as a double, we absolutely loved that stroller for Andrew.  I know we still have time, but as I was telling James, for some reason the list of stuff we need to get will plague me till I’ve started checking things off.  I don’t want to get to a point where I’m having difficulty moving about and THAT’S when I suddenly realize we don’t have the essentials yet.  As it is, I’m starting to experience back pain.  If I sit for any length of time whatsoever, I get up and my back feels like it’s going to give out. 

Did I mention I’ve only gained 8 pounds?!  I was shocked to find that out at my appointment yesterday.  It feels like I’ve gained at least double that.  I gained 50lbs during my pregnancy with Andrew.  Of course, my pre-pregnancy weight this time around was higher than it was before Andrew, so I would imagine that has something to do with it.  The OB said she estimates I’ll gain around 35lbs total this pregnancy.  I’m certainly not counting, and I don’t care if I gain a ton of weight as long as I’m still healthy as well as the babies.  This is the last time in my life where I can just gain and not care at all, so I’m relishing in that!!  But I guess I haven’t been overeating, the babies are sucking the nutrients away so I’m not gaining as rapidly as I thought.  Still, it feels like I have way more girth around the middle, it feels SO HEAVY already to me!

The weather finally looks to be improving.  I haven’t looked at the extended forecast, but it looks beautiful out there today. Our place is pretty dark and doesn’t tend to show the sunshine too much, yet it is looking like summer, so I think it’s going to be a perfect day for some outdoor playtime!  To the park we go!


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