Father's Day

This morning, in celebration of Father’s Day, I made Blueberry Pancakes for breakfast, as per James’ request.  We spent the morning lounging at home, and Andrew gave his Daddy a homemade card (which he then went into great detail explaining each part of), and a sleeping bag since he’s going camping in the near future. 

Then, as a treat to James, Andrew and I went out so he could have several hours to himself to do as he pleased.  We picked up my parents and went out to the Steveston Market.  I’d been looking forward to it for a while, since we’d decided we were going to check it out.  With how bad the weather was yesterday, I wasn’t sure we’d get there, but luckily it cleared up today, and in Steveston it actually got quite sunny and warm.

Unfortunately, as soon as we got there and before we’d even got to the market, my mom had a bad fall and wasn’t in good form for the event.  She ended up having to sit and didn’t go through the market at all.  I felt bad going through the market without her, since it was something we’d both been looking forward to.  But Andrew kept her company while my dad and I went and got some stuff at the market.  We got some cakes/loafs to share, I got popcorn that I thought Andrew would love (but he didn’t…and it’s a bit stale so I’m not really loving it either).  My favourite purchase was 3 burp cloths for the twins!  LOL  Sounds silly, but it’s kind of special since they were my very first purchase for the twins.  I’ve resisted buying them anything…for various reasons I guess, but I saw this booth with baby stuff so I had to check it out.  There were lots of nice fleece blankets and receiving blankets, but they all seemed quite gender-specific, and since we don’t know the sexes yet I didn’t want to get anything that wasn’t relatively neutral.  I got a LOT of use out of the burp cloths we had when Andrew was a baby, so it felt like a practical purchase.

After the market we went out for a bite of lunch, and then dropped my parents off at their place.  Andrew was eager to stay with them, so I went home on my own and James and I sat and chatted for a while, and then decided to go out for dinner so neither of us would have to cook.  Truth be told, and as random as this may sound, we are on the lookout for a yummy Gorgonzola pasta dish!  I mentioned it as a recent craving and I think it made James have some sympathy cravings!  LOL  We didn’t find this type of dish at the restaurant we went to, but we found a cozy little Italian restaurant on Hastings and enjoyed our experience there.  The food was good, not spectacular, but good.  We also had a bit of a star sighting!  Fred Ewanuick was there (he was Hank in Corner Gas, and Nick in Robson Arms, to name a few).  Unfortunately I’d given James the seat that faced the window, so he had the view of him, I had to turn and casually look so as to not be obvious!  He looks exactly like on TV, very cute, and it was weird hearing his voice because it’s so familiar, even though I don’t actually know him!  (We loved the two shows I mentioned he was in, so we’ve watched him quite a bit).  We didn’t say anything to him – I get all star-struck and weird so I wouldn’t be able to say anything even if I wanted to!  But it was cool to see someone from TV so close like that.  We’ve seen several others from Corner Gas at restaurants before, too.  It’s kind of cool how they all seem to be in the area!

Then we picked Andrew up, came home, and the rest is history.  It was a good day, but sort of bittersweet maybe because I also feel really bad for my mom.  She’s in a lot of pain and I’m worried about how she’ll be feeling tomorrow, as everything bruises and stiffens up.  I really wish that part of the day hadn’t happened.

I just need some fun things for this week…If only I could feel rested so I’d have the energy to do more!  Hopefully the weather will be better this week so we can spend more time outside.  I keep saying that and so far it hasn’t been happening, but it has to happen eventually…right?!!


Janice said…
How is your mom? I had a bad fall Friday when I was in the shower I slipped and fell out hurting my leg and bumping my head on the vanity, I lay on the floor crying for 10 minutes thinking I broke my leg because I couldn't get up or put pressure on it. Anyways doc said it is a muscle injury and no bone broke but I am still in pain and limping around and stairs are a killer. I hope your mom is okay. Sounds like a nice day otherwise, hope all is well
Elizabeth said…
Sorry to hear about your fall, that sounds awful. I'm glad you weren't knocked unconscious from hitting your head, yikes! My mom said she's got a really sore shoulder, wrist, and some pain in her hip. Thank goodness no broken bones. Hopefully it doesn't lead to chronic pain in those places - she had a bad fall years ago and that's sort of what lead to her knee/arthritis issues I think. Hopefully you are both on the mend and better very soon!! XO
Janice said…
I had a bad fall years ago too (I actually sued the city and won ) the sidewalks were all crumbled away, I didn't get much considering the pain I had and still am bothered by in my shoulder off and on and my mom said I would have troubles all my life and it would turn to arthritis which sure enough it has. I had knee surgery a few years ago and it helped quite a bit. Anyways hope your mom's pain is gone soon.

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