Buying stuff for babies

My head is spinning just from trying to figure out what stroller to get for these babies!!

I decided against the one I was going to have a look at this week.  It’s the Britax B Ready.  I was at Babies R Us today returning a couple of things and when I was walking past the stroller section looking for something else, I happened to see that they had it right there.  Since the place I was going to look at the used one was a fair drive from our place, I thought I’d check it out in-store and decide if it was what I was wanting it to be.

It wasn’t.  I like it for when it can just be a frame and have car seats clicked into it, but when the babies grow out of their infant car seats, one would be squished in the back without any view and I knew I would hate that.  It doesn’t make sense to spend $500 on a stroller that I only want for the frame!

So then I decided to check out some of the front to back strollers, as opposed to side by side. And I actually really liked one of the Graco models that is $269.  So even if we got it brand new (which I’m leaning towards), it’s cheaper than what I was considering before.  Here’s the catch though…It would just BARELY fit in the back of our van, and I’m concerned once we have to move the seats back so Andrew will have leg room in the back, it wouldn’t fit.  So it might be a non-option because obviously we can’t get it if it won’t fit in the van!

Sooooo frustrated, I am.  What I’m considering is James and I renewing our passports so we can take a day trip to Seattle, where we could buy the friggin’ Double Snap N Go for $100 and be done with it.  It’s just a frame, so it would be the most compact thing possible, and when we’re done with it we can sell it (probably for full price, since it’s so hard to come by in Canada) and get the City Mini for about $500.  Should we just do that?  It feels like it would be so much effort to go to the US just for one day to buy a stroller frame, but I can’t find ANY store that will deliver it to Canada.  So annoying!  Also frustrating to have to get our passports renewed just to drive to Seattle, when ultimately I don’t see us travelling anywhere for quite a few years, so after one day trip it would just be sitting there collecting dust.  Sigh!

Maybe it’s the pregnancy hormones, but my mind is feeling bogged down by all the little things we’ll need to get for the babies.  It’s so much more buying for 2, even when it’s just the little things, it all adds up.  There are a few things I’m looking to get second hand for sure, which will save us some money, but still.  Babies can get pretty darn expensive!!

I’m complaining a bit, but I’m having fun with it at the same time.  I got the girls a few cute outfits today at Joe Fresh and I spent a bit of time starting to clean out the bureau in our bedroom so I can put their things in there.  Unfortunately they won’t have a closet till we move to a bigger place, so I want our entire bureau AND a wardrobe shelf thing in our bedroom to ALL be designated to the twins.  It’s doable, I just have to spend some hours reorganizing our closet and getting those things emptied out.  I want to have it done within the next month while I can still manage to do stuff like that!

Maybe I feel like it’s so much to think about because I don’t know how much longer I have before I can’t do very much.  I want to be as prepared as I can before I have to start asking people for help!  I cringe at the thought of having to delegate the things I’m used to doing myself.

Or maybe it’s just my nature to want to get things done early.  Andrew’s nursery was decorated and ready for his arrival by the middle of September, and he wasn’t born till the last day of December!  So I guess I just can’t help myself…


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