Burnaby Lake and other stories

I wrote this on Sunday but just got around to uploading pictures tonight...

On Saturday we went to my brother and sil’s and had a birthday party for my grandma, who was over from the island for a visit.  It felt like the day went by so fast.  Then on Sunday, I took Andrew over to my parents’ place so James and I could get a few hours just the two of us.  I made some brunch for my parents and Andrew (and me!) before I left, and James was able to get some work done, so he could take the time off to spend with me in the afternoon.  His work schedule is so crazy right now, I can’t wait till this big project is finished and things can be more calm – and he can actually have nights and weekends OFF.

Oh, I should mention (for the sake of keeping a record of when things happen) – this morning I woke up to my first horrific leg cramp of this pregnancy!  OUCH!!  They are seriously killer, I forgot how bad that seizing-calf-muscle pain is.  OMG!  I didn’t start getting them with Andrew till quite a bit later in the pregnancy, but it makes sense given how much bigger I am this time around with 2 in there.  It’s a normal thing to have happen, something about pinching a nerve because of the way you’re laying or the way you move, basically because of all the extra girth from the babe(s).  It’s NOT a pleasant way to be woken up, that’s for sure!  The muscle is still sore tonight, that’s how lasting the pain of it is.  Ugh.  And KNOWING it’s only a matter of time before it happens again isn’t the greatest knowledge to have!

Anyway…when I got up Andrew was eager for me to read to him…Unfortunately he had picked out several Christmas books!  I said I’d read them once, but then we’ll put them away till Xmas time.  He also loves playing music on his (James’ old that he inherited) ipod touch (and is working at singing along to his fave songs lately, it’s the cutest thing!) but often chooses Xmas songs…ugh!!  He also loves Hurt Feelings by Flight of the Conchords (which is hilarious listening to him sing along to!), and Dynamite by Taio Cruz…He prefers Led Zeppelin over Raffi any day.  The kid is too much!

Andrew was in a good mood, and let me read, then sip some coffee and chat with James, then read again.  He seemed to have a decent amount of patience this morning, which was nice!  I also enjoyed having a coffee – I have rarely had a coffee or a tea this entire pregnancy so far.

I made Chocolate Chip Oatmeal cookies, and then got Andrew ready and we headed to my parents.  When I got home James got ready and we went to Burnaby Lake and walked around a bit.  We walked about 2km total, and I was pooped.  How sad is that?!  I thought it was rather sad.  We had fun, though, and the sun actually came out and was shining for half the time we were out!  WOW, imagine that!!  I’d totally forgotten what the warmth of the sun felt like…and forgot again when it went and hid behind the clouds again a little while later…Sigh!

After our walk, we went to Mac’s and James got me a Slurpee, because I’ve been wanting one for ages and needed that craving fulfilled!  Then we did something that I love being able to do now that we have a vehicle – drive around and look at houses.  Not because we’re in the housing market, but it’s just fun to look at houses and pick out ones we like, and imagine the maid service we’d be getting if we actually owned one of those huge suckers!!!  Wow, there are some crazy big houses in the area.

When we came home I had a nice bubble bath and a much needed nap, and then James made me dinner, so I’d say it turned out to be a pretty good day.  Andrew had so much fun at my parents’, as always, and came home in time to go to bed.  My mom taught him the ‘These boots are made for walking’ song, and when he came in the door he was pretty pleased with himself, reciting it to us several times before getting settled for sleep!  He even had me record him singing it on my camera. 

I feel like I need to plan more fun things for the near future.  I have one fun activity planned for Father’s Day (which funnily enough doesn’t include James, since part of his Father’s Day gift is us going out so he gets time to himself! Lol) but otherwise I feel like I don’t have anything going on in the near future.  I really need to change that…I just wish I could count on the weather improving so I could plan some fun things to do outdoors…


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