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I think google maps could quite possibly be one of the best inventions of our time!  It has made my life so much easier, especially lately with getting used to driving around different areas.  I love being able to look up the street view of places so I can visually see where I’m going and remember landmarks that will tell me I’m getting close to my destination.  I also love being able to look up directions and decide on the route I like best.  I know it’s not exactly ‘new’, and I used it before when I was bussing places, too, but still.  Lately I’ve noticed I’m using it a lot more, and it puts my mind at ease when I have a better idea of where I’m going than I would just having a regular ‘old school’ map as my only guide.

I’m going to check out a stroller later this week, so fingers crossed it works out!  It’s not the one I was really wanting but it might be just what we’re looking for.  I’m not going alone though…I’m a little paranoid about meeting people from Craigslist by myself, for obvious reasons, particularly given recent events in the news.  Even if you think you can trust someone, you can never be too careful.  Although I must say, I’ve actually met a few people through ads recently just by fluke, since we share the fact that we have twins, and the people I’m meeting are so super nice and quite resourceful, since they already have their twins and can offer me some advice.  It’s pretty cool actually.  So far I unfortunately haven’t met anyone in our actual area, but I’m hoping I will so we can have twin (and their siblings!) meet-ups!  I just think having twins is a whole different dynamic and it would be nice to have some friends who have another child or children, as well as their twins, so they’ll understand completely the total chaos that will be my life, and we can spend time in total chaos together!

Anyway…today I had an appt with my OB…Only my OB was away so someone else was filling in for her.  I really liked the doctor who was filling in, but I was a bit thrown off because I was expecting to be getting to know my own doctor a little better, and instead I wasn’t.  I felt like I didn’t want to ask all my questions because I wanted to be asking MY doctor.  Oh well, hopefully she’ll be back when I go in another 4 weeks. 

I asked this doctor her opinion on buying a breast pump: new or used.  Her recommendation was that certainly you CAN buy used, but she would really only suggest it as not being too risky if I knew the person well who was selling it to me, so I’d know for sure there wouldn’t be any issues.  Since I don’t know anyone personally in the market to sell a double electric breast pump, it looks like I will be buying a new one. 

I also asked her about the whole epidural thing and if I could have a natural birth without one because I’d really rather not have one.  She made it sound like they’ll basically force me to have one because I’m having twins.  It doesn’t sit well with me…I’m not a person who takes kindly to being told what to do!  So maybe it’s just in my nature to be getting annoyed by this.  But yeah…I get the reasoning – not wanting someone reaching into my uterus to take Baby B out if necessary without any drugs numbing that intense pain…And not wanting to risk anything going wrong with Baby B’s birth in particular (since more issues tend to arise with the 2nd baby vs the first), so doing the epidural as a pre-meditative measure to what might be our scenario.  I do get the argument, but at the same time I argue that sooooo many women have given birth to twins just fine naturally, so why can’t I?  She did say they can potentially just get it all started but cap it off and only administer the epidural at the very last minute or when required, but it still sounded like for the pushing part they want it in.  Which I find so counter-productive, because she said it DOES make the pushing phase take longer, whereas I remember with Andrew the pushing phase felt like the most natural part of the entire birth for me.  Once it came time to push, in 10 minutes I had my baby because I was DONE – and I knew I was done because I could FEEL it!

I know there are mixed views on this, but she was adamant that there is no proven link between getting an epidural and having issues with breastfeeding.  She said tons of studies have been done on this and there’s nothing to say there’s a causal link.  She assured me that BC Women’s does EVERYTHING to ensure that breastfeeding is successful.  She said the epidural will not increase my chances of needing a c-section, but does up the chances of having other measures taken, such as ‘instruments’ used to help get Baby B out (eek, I don’t want that, epidural or not), or oxytocin, I think for causing more contractions or something – I can’t remember?  Anyway…I’m not happy about feeling medicalized in my birthing experience, truthfully, but I also don’t want to just be stubborn and then what if something were to go wrong – I’d totally blame myself forever.  I WILL do whatever is best for my babies, I just feel like I need to play it by ear and not just accept that I have to be drugged simply because I’m birthing 2 babies.

I’m going to get in touch with my midwife from my first pregnancy and see what she has to say about this…

I’m feeling a lot of excitement right now.  Still on a bit of a high from finding out we’re having girls, and excited knowing just a few months from now we’ll be meeting them.  I also feel like there’s just so much to think about and do in the meantime.  Getting the essential stuff we’re going to need for them, doing a bit of nesting (when I can find the energy…it hasn’t really happened yet, sadly), preparing Andrew for being a big brother.  Then the twins will be here, and then a few months later we plan to move – it feels like this next year basically is just going to be a total whirlwind, but an exciting one!


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