20 weeks pregnant with twins!

I thought I’d do a little post about how things are going at this stage of the pregnancy.

I haven’t been nearly as sick as I was there for ages.  I was going to say I can’t remember the last time I threw up, but yes, I can, it was within the past week!  But only once, and most days I’m not sick.  I do feel slight nausea still pretty much every day at some point or another, and some days are a little worse than ‘slight’.  Right now I don’t feel great in the nausea department, but I also know it could be a lot worse.  I definitely go longer stretches through the day where I don’t feel sick.  I’m still taking 4 Diclectin a day.  If I forget my later afternoon pill, I definitely notice it by evening, so I do my best to remember to take it.

I started taking Floradix 2 days ago, it’s a liquid iron supplement.  It’s not so bad, I certainly don’t enjoy drinking it, but it could be worse for sure.  It’s just hard to take it unless I’m home through the day, because you have to take it a few hours between taking other meds, AND you have to take it right before eating a meal.  So I take a Diclectin when I get up, Floradix right before lunch, Diclectin in the afternoon, Floradix before dinner, 2 Diclectin before bed.  Honestly, it exhausts me just to write all that down!  It’s ridiculous, I hate having to take stuff on a schedule like that.  The Floradix has to be refrigerated so if I’m out around lunch or dinner time, it throws me off – today I ended up not taking any at all, so it might not work out to be an every day thing, but I do think it should help that I’m planning on taking it on a semi-regular basis at least.

I’m definitely feeling the babies more each day now.  I feel kicks a lot.  It’s a weird feeling and sometimes really bizarre, maybe it depends on my mood but sometimes it feels like there are aliens in there and it feels so foreign!  Most of the time it makes me smile, though, because I feel comforted by their movements, and I love how I’m never alone as long as they’re inside me.  Just a few minutes ago I felt who I think of as Baby B (although we’ll find out if I’m right about which is which at our u/s in a few days!) kicking several times, and then Baby A chimed in and did a couple kicks back!  I wonder if they’re kicking me or if it’s more an attempt to kick each other?!  Sometimes when I roll over in bed, I’ll find one of them doesn’t like my positioning (or at least that’s how I take it) because suddenly I’ll feel a sharp pain and I think it’s someone hinting for me to move!  Although it could just be round ligament pains, sometimes it’s hard to tell what’s what!

Sometimes it feels like the babies have moved suddenly and I’ll feel a bit winded or oddly full.  I’m having some bladder issues already that with my singleton pregnancy didn’t start till the last trimester.  Although in all fairness, my bladder has never been quite the same since Andrew came along!  But still, it’s crazy…very frustrating more like.  Last night, for example, I got up almost every half hour for about 3 hours to pee!  So it’s really hard to sleep.  It’s IMPOSSIBLE to sleep through the entire night without needing to pee really badly.  Since I’m a person who doesn’t sleep well or easily, it’s so frustrating if I get up to pee because then I have to start the process of shutting my brain off to sleep all over again, which can take such a long time that I need to get up and pee again before I fall back asleep!!

Heartburn has become my arch nemesis.  I know it had to happen eventually.  It’s been getting progressively worse for a while.  Tums are a good friend of mine these days.  I think the iron supplement makes heartburn worse, too, unless by fluke it became way worse in the past few days, which could be the case since the babies seem to be getting huger by the minute.

I won’t even mention the tired because it’s my constant gripe and I’m sure it’s getting old.  Very tired over here.  Can’t do much without feeling exhausted.  We took Andrew to Confederation Park (I think that’s what it’s called?) today to go on a miniature train ride (which was so fun, and we JUST beat the rain, which was awesome!) and just walking across the field from the van to the train, I felt like I was going to have to start carrying my belly and I definitely had to walk slower than my normal pace.  But I said I wasn’t going to go on about the tired so I’ll leave it at that…

What else…my taste buds are a bit off, some things I normally would like just taste weird to me, but everyone else says they taste the same as always so I know it’s just me!  Oh and I woke up at 4am last night to another wonderful leg cramp…OMG those things are PAINFUL!

Otherwise, nothing too much I can think of.  I’m 20 weeks tomorrow (Sunday), and I just realized that means I’m 5 months, which is pretty incredible!  And SCARY!!!!!  Not that much longer to go, really…I’m not ready for twins yet!!  Aaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!  I know I never will be though…and I DO have several more months to ‘prepare.’

Tomorrow while the boys do their own fun activity, I’m going to go check out some stores for inspiration – strollers, breast pumps, all those fun essentials!  LOL  I’m sort of excited about it, but also nervous about what selection I’ll find.  It’s a lot easier to find things for singletons than multiples, I’m realizing now.  And the cost of 2 vs 1 is literally double, which is a tad concerning.  I’m not planning on making any purchases, but it’ll be fun to have a look at what some of our options are.  And to get a bit of time out to browse/shop, which will probably happen verrrrrry little once the babies are here…so I’d better enjoy the freedom while I can!


Janice said…
Just a thought but have you checked out kijiji at all for strollers etc?
Elizabeth said…
Yes, I spend way too much time on there and Craigslist scoping them out!! I'm going to be posting about this soon actually!

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