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Buying stuff for babies

My head is spinning just from trying to figure out what stroller to get for these babies!!
I decided against the one I was going to have a look at this week.  It’s the Britax B Ready.  I was at Babies R Us today returning a couple of things and when I was walking past the stroller section looking for something else, I happened to see that they had it right there.  Since the place I was going to look at the used one was a fair drive from our place, I thought I’d check it out in-store and decide if it was what I was wanting it to be.
It wasn’t.  I like it for when it can just be a frame and have car seats clicked into it, but when the babies grow out of their infant car seats, one would be squished in the back without any view and I knew I would hate that.  It doesn’t make sense to spend $500 on a stroller that I only want for the frame!
So then I decided to check out some of the front to back strollers, as opposed to side by side. And I actually really liked one of the Graco models that i…