Where's my remote control

Several days ago, James taught Andrew how to use one of the remotes for his shows.  Specifically, the remote that works for our Apple TV.  Most of Andrew’s shows are on there – movies and TV shows.  Basically he was wanting to obsessively rewind and watch a 15 second clip from the Disney movie Hercules, and neither of us wanted to have to do the rewinding over and over for him, so James taught him how to do it himself.  I was fine with it in that I know how annoying it can be to be instructed to rewind to just the right point over and over, but I did say something along the lines of, ‘Oh, this is so going to open up a whole new can of worms.’

And was I ever right!

The next morning, Andrew came to wake me up pretty much at the exact minute that he normally does on weekday mornings.  Since early May, a new show started on the CBC kid’s lineup called Monster Math Squad.  It’s on from 7:30-7:42, and without fail I am told to ‘Get up!’ at 7:42 every weekday morning.  (Occasionally earlier, and on the rare treat occasion, a bit later, but usually at this exact time!)  Lately Andrew will bound into the room, jump up onto the bed beside me, wiggle down under the covers, and tell me a little about what he learned from the show, or something he and Daddy had talked about that morning.  But on this particular morning, his words were different.  He said, ‘Mommy, I need you to come fix the TV for me.  I put on a really bornin (boring) show, and I need you to change it back!’

That didn’t seem like a good sign to me somehow, since the remote for the TV is separate from the remote for the Apple TV.  I went out to the living room and saw what looked like a movie playing…and it clicked right away – he had rented a movie from Shaw on Demand!

He’d clicked the SOD button, went to the first of everything and clicked on it.  So thank goodness if he was going to rent something, it was rated PG at least!  Because he also fast forwarded through part of it once he’d made the purchase – only to discover how ‘bornin’ it was to him.  About $6 later…a movie none of us actually had wanted to see, we had The Vow on our rental list for the next 24 hours…


I at least felt a bit better knowing I wasn’t the one who encouraged him to use the remotes!!  But a valuable lesson was definitely learned, and it should probably go without saying that the Shaw TV remote is now kept out of reach.  Although just from talking to him about it after I realized what had happened, I think he got that he shouldn’t use that remote.  I wasn’t mad at him or anything, I didn’t even scold him a little bit for it, because I knew he didn’t know he was buying something.  I just said that those shows cost extra money and we don’t like paying for shows on there, so let’s not do that again.  He said, ‘Well, you could watch it later maybe, because you like bornin shows, Mommy!’  LOL!!!

I did end up watching it later that night, because I was up anyway with a headache and couldn’t sleep, and I figured we HAD paid for it.  It was predictable but cute, so I don’t totally regret having been given the opportunity to see it!  Still, though, that kind of cost per movie could really add up…we’ve got to keep an eye on what that boy is doing with all those remotes! 

Let the parental controls and channel blocking begin!!


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