What a difference an extra baby makes!

When I was just shy of 16 weeks pregnant with Andrew, this is how I looked:

(Taken in early July, 2008)
 Barely a bump!  I probably thought I was huge already - LOL! 

Now, here I was last Sunday, at 15 weeks exactly with the twins....
So almost a full week earlier than I was in the above pic with Andrew!  Crazy!!  I know subsequent pregnancies = showing sooner, and technically this is my 3rd pregnancy (I posted pictures when I was 9 weeks with Baby#2 and I was showing pretty big already then, too)...But this is just insane!  Just think, I've got another 25 weeks to go if I make it to 40 weeks!!  Now I know why twins usually arrive earlier than that ;D

I'm happy though, and loving the belly!  I've been EXTREMELY sick the past several days.  I lost count of how many times I threw up today...It's a tad brutal.  I'm sort of wondering if it might be because I've started feeling some movements.  Not really kicks so much (although I felt something that felt kick-like tonight) but a lot of rolling around sort of feelings.  Maybe it's causing Momma to feel some motion sickness?!  Hopefully it will ease up soon and I'll adjust to 4 arms and 4 legs and 2 adorable bodies using my insides as a jungle gym!


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