Weekend getaway...

James and my weekend away has come and gone.  My only complaint is that it went by waaay too fast!

We didn’t want to venture too far, because when we were booking it we didn’t know how sick I might still be, given I’d only be at 13 weeks.  We decided to stay at the Pinnacle at the Pier in North Vancouver.  We wanted to be close to downtown Vancouver without actually staying there, because we lived there for 5 years so it felt too familiar.  The Pinnacle is a fairly new hotel just a block away from the Lonsdale Quay Market.

It was absolutely amazing.  We loved the hotel.  We upgraded to a harbour view room and I’m so glad we did.  It was SO quiet, and so nice to just sit and look out at the boats and the Vancouver skyline.  The room was really nicely appointed, and had a cool feature where the tub had a glass wall, so you could look out at the harbour while having a shower, if you felt so inclined!  It was soooo nice having a king size bed for a few nights, I loved how luxurious it felt to have so much space!

I’m glad we chose to not go too far from home, because while I’ve been doing a lot better sick-wise, and have only been dealing with minor nausea mostly (except later at night – it seems to be when I get tired that I start to feel really sick), I was still REALLY tired and not up to doing a ton of stuff. 

I also became totally ravenous and it seemed like I was eating ALL weekend!  Or talking about what I was going to eat next!  I guess because I’m not getting as sick now, I suddenly realized I can hold food down, so why not eat everything I can.  It’s RIDICULOUS how hungry I’ve been.  Basically I need to be snacking every hour or more, if I don’t have something on my stomach, I start to feel queasy, so I just keep on eating.

More on our trip later, right now Andrew and I are going to get ready to head out for a little afternoon outing.  Now that we have the van, it’s so much easier to do such things!


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