Time for some second trimester nesting

I’ve been pretty sick since last night.  I went and did a bit of a grocery shop after dinner last night, and as soon as I got to the grocery store I started feeling extra nauseous.  Not fun shopping for food when sick, but at least that meant I didn’t over-spend! 

I mentioned to James last night that I thought I would probably throw up today, because I’ve been feeling so on the edge the past few days sick-wise, maybe it would help to try to get it out of my system.  He thought it sounded funny, as if I was scheduling a barf, but seriously, it’s hard feeling on the edge, not knowing when it’s coming but being pretty sure it will eventually!  I ended up getting really violently ill late last night and was up pretty late as a result.

Andrew went to his nana’s today, for the first time in several weeks, so it was a much needed break for me.  I was able to sleep in, which was good given the nausea.  I was feeling pretty ill when I got up but it’s not too bad right now.  I forced myself to get some stuff done around here that I’ve been wanting to do but haven’t had the energy or the time for, and I think pushing myself a bit helped me forget how sick I feel.

I did an overhaul clean of the entire kitchen, even re-arranging a few of the cupboards (not so much re-arranging as tidying).  So it’s sparkling clean in there now, which I know by tonight it won’t be (madness!) but at least I know it’s been done.  I’m doing as much laundry as I can, including our duvet covers, mattress pad, the works.  I re-organized our ridiculously messy pantry, and I also did a major tidy/re-arrange of Andrew’s bedroom.  He’s got WAY too much stuff for his small room.  I’m actually really looking forward to our next move, not because I don’t absolutely adore this place because I do, but because I really want Andrew to have a bigger bedroom and a proper place for all his stuff.  Although that being said, I also want to purge some of his toys…I just have to work on getting him on board with that.  I cleaned the bathroom really well yesterday, and I’m going to work a bit on our bedroom in a bit, once I’ve had a bit of a rest.  So I really feel like everything is coming together quite nicely. 

I must be in a bit of a nesting phase, because I literally have the desire to clean and organize and fix up absolutely EVERYTHING!  I even want to tidy the van, even though we barely keep anything in there!  But I’m going to save that for another day, maybe on the weekend.

It feels good to be getting things cleaned, especially since we’re having people over on the weekend to visit.  That wasn’t so much my motivation though, I just felt the need to do it.  I’ve had no energy for so long and I was too sick to do much of anything, so now’s the time and I’m feeling it.   


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