Sweet 16

I’m 16 weeks pregnant, WOW.  Sometimes it feels like time is going by so slow, but I think it’s going faster than I think, starting onto the 17th week now... 

I’m starting to feel more ‘full’, which I know is NOTHING like the full I’m going to feel weeks/months from now, but the babies are definitely getting bigger!  I don’t know how to describe the feeling exactly, but it becomes more and more obvious all the time that I’m definitely pregnant.  I know that sounds silly to say – of COURSE I’m pregnant, all you have to do is look at me to know that!  But I think because of the loss before, I sometimes get this weird idea in my head that maybe this isn’t really happening or it’s not going to work out or something’s happened to one or both in there…blah blah blah.  A quick listen on the Doppler tonight gave me 2 distinct heart beats, and a world of reassurance!

And they’re moving up in the world!  I last listened on Thursday and for several weeks now the babies have been in the exact same spots every single time I’ve listened.  They’re still in the same spots now, but up higher, noticeably higher just in a matter of 4 days.  It’s pretty amazing actually!  And so cute how I already feel like I’m getting a sense for their personalities.  It’ll be interesting to see if it’s true or not, but I have a strong suspicion I know which one of these two is going to be the trouble-maker!  We’ll see if I’m right!  I’m hoping to find out this week from my OB which is Baby A and which is Baby B, so I can better reference each one.  But the one I’m currently referring to as Baby A is the more feisty one who is constantly trying to move around and away from the Doppler, and was doing some silly swimming away type moves during our last ultrasound.  The one I’m referring to as Baby B, on the other hand, likes to just stay in one position and while he or she was flailing limbs about during the last ultrasound, there was more of a calmness about him or her – more laid back like their Daddy, maybe?!

I wasn’t as sick this weekend as I was through the week last week.  No throwing up, just lots of times feeling like I could/might.  It’s frustrating still, but it’s better than barfing 10 times + per day, which sadly I got up to last week!  I was just telling James yesterday that I haven’t really had too many aches and pains yet, and then today I started noticing some.  I just find it takes so little to tucker me out and I feel so weak/out of shape sometimes, even though I know it’s normal and to be expected.  I look forward to getting my energy back in full, although I know realistically that will take years given all the sleepless nights the childrens will provide me with!!!  Oh well, totally worth it.  She says now, as she shuts down her computer to go to sleep…!!


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