Sunday...not so much Fun day

Today I had really high hopes that the weather would hold out and we’d be able to do something outdoors.  We were going to take Andrew up to Burnaby Mountain, or maybe check out a new park in the area.  Instead, as we sat and ate our breakfast, I looked out the window to discover it had started to rain.  It should be illegal to rain on a long weekend!!

I was feeling pretty bummed about the weather.  I got used to the nicer days we had the past week and was so hopeful it would continue.  Instead, the forecast is currently calling for rain straight through all of next week.  What gives?!

So we ended up going to do a bit of a grocery shop, which Andrew actually seemed to enjoy.  Then we came home and we all went down to our storage unit to clean it out.  I wanted to get it better organized so that all the baby/kid related stuff we might be needing once the twins arrive would be in one easy to access place.  We also put all our Christmas boxes together, and tried to get things in order, which we probably should have done a long time ago.  There’s still a bit more work to be done, but we got the majority of it done (or should I say, James got it done, while I sat on a chair and directed him!!  A perk of being pregnant since if I wasn’t, I probably would have been doing the whole project myself!) 

We had a quick bite to eat, then James’ mom came over for dinner.   It felt like a somewhat uneventful day, not quite what I’d been hoping for, but it was OK.  It felt good to get some chores done that we’d been putting off.  Tomorrow I’m hoping our ‘fun’ plan works out, rain or shine!


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