Starting week 16...

I was doing so well with going to bed earlier…but the past few nights I’ve faltered.  I chalk it up primarily to TERRIBLE bouts of late-night heartburn, which turns into nausea.  I find it SO hard to lie down and fall asleep when the heartburn is taking its toll.  Tums can only do so much.

So, yes, at 15 wks +2days (as of Tuesday) I am definitely feeling the ‘burn.  It has become so frequent, probably in the past couple of weeks, getting progressively worse as the babies get bigger and my belly continues to expand.  And I know it’s only going to get worse still!  I actually remember it starting earlier with Andrew, and being more severe earlier, so who knows.  But it’s definitely bothering me now.

The nausea still isn’t nearly as bad as it was, and actually I have weaned myself down to 2 Diclectin per day instead of 4 (I just take the 2 before bed).  On some days I’ll take one in the afternoon if I’m having a particularly nauseous day.  But I’m trying to only take the 2.  I would take the full dose if I REALLY felt I needed it, but it’s still costing us a fair amount per month so that’s primarily why I’m trying to cut back, and actually I don’t know how much difference it would make if I took more of it.  I’ve been feeling nauseous every day still, but usually more so later in the day, and usually it’s quite tolerable.  I only throw up maybe a couple of times per week.  Today I felt like throwing up most of the day, truth be told, but I didn’t, so I won =P  (Hopefully that’s not famous last words – the heartburn kicked up a notch as soon as I wrote that and I think I could quite nicely hurl right this second…)

Fun times, I know!!

The babies are definitely growing.  I heard both heartbeats, strong and very obviously separate, tonight, so that made me happy.  My belly is getting bigger and bigger, way bigger than it should be for this week!  But I love it, and enjoy having the babes in there baking away.  I’ve been particularly happy lately, even with some negative things going on around me, I can honestly say that with my own life, I am feeling very positive and happy these days.  It’s a time I want to be able to look back on and remember fondly (and I can just laugh about the heartburn in the years to come, right?!)

I do get tired pretty easily, but I’m not dying of exhaustion like I was there for a while, so I guess that’s OK.  I think, too, that I’m just being extra careful to take it easy this time around.  I just don’t want to risk anything going wrong, or babies doing anything premature if I can help it.  I figure if I take it as easy as I can throughout the pregnancy, I’ll know I’ve done everything I possibly can to protect the babies and keep them in there as long as possible.  So it’s possible I get tuckered out easier because I’m not as used to doing as much as I used to!  I also figure I might as well just enjoy this time where things are easier than they’re going to be.  So I’m making the most of it.

Even though I don’t have anything major planned over the next little while, I feel pretty good about what’s ahead of me, even in the short term, not thinking as ‘long term’ as when the babies arrive, even though realistically that’s not that far off!  Which is scary in a way, to think about…But really, I’m just content living day by day lately.  I’m not used to feeling this sort of contentment!  James mentioned to me today that I haven’t had any ‘me time’ in over a week, and he asked if I was feeling it.  I honestly hadn’t even realized that I hadn’t had any time to myself.  I just don’t feel like things have been overly hectic, or maybe I just haven’t felt the need for the time, I’m not sure.  But whatever the case may be, I’ll take this contentment, I’m not going to question it!


tristadawn said…
ugh! heartburn!
glad the nausea has toned down a bit.
hey, I saw a journal/workbook with healing /creativity exercises to grieve the loss of a baby and thought of you.. do you think thats something that would interest you? i totally don't remember the name of the book but it is a store I frequent and could find it out easily enough. :)
xoxo to you all!

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