Out enjoying the sunshine

Yesterday I really wanted to take Andrew on an outing.  He’s such a homebody, and that’s fine when the weather’s crummy, but it has been so nice out lately, and it seems like a shame to waste the days indoors. 

Last time we went to Hume Park, the main playground was all ripped up, and there wasn’t quite as much for Andrew to do (although he still seemed to love being there).  I looked it up online and found a picture of the new play structure being built.  It said it should be completed by early May.  Since it’s a little past ‘early May’ I thought, why not give it a shot and see if it’s done?

Andrew had been set on staying home, but when I mentioned Hume Park, he was all over it.  He was so excited!  So we got ready, I made us a little picnic to take with us, and off we went.  I love that we can get to the park now within about 10-15 minutes.  We’ve had some fun family bike rides to Hume Park, and James and I have many fond memories of walking the Cariboo Trail to get there (particularly when we lived a bit closer to that area) but at this point in time, driving makes the most sense for me.  I loved being able to just throw all our stuff to bring in the van and off we went.

The new playground was open, and it’s actually a lot better than some of the new play structures at parks these days.  Andrew loved the climbing wall and mastered it the first try.  He also loved the ‘bumpy slide’ and went down it more times than I could count.  A little later, the water park part came on, so he got down to just his shorts and played in there for a while.  He didn’t venture right into the water (it would have to be a much hotter day for that, I think!) but he had fun playing with this new little bucket he found on our way out to the parking garage.  (People leave random stuff there from time to time and my littler hoarder boy always wants to take everything…I’m hoping to get rid of the tacky Christmas bucket he picked up yesterday, but at least he got some use out of it at the water park!)

We sat and had our little picnic, or should I say I partially sat, partially wandered back to the water park to give Andrew bites of food.  I really could have done with sitting for a bit of a rest for longer, but without another adult there, I didn’t have much choice.  That’s one of the reasons I’m wanting to do these things now, because I know as I get further along it will be harder to take Andrew places on my own if I can’t have little sitting breaks.

He played longer at the playground, even while a group of school kids were there playing.   He really holds his own in any situation.  He’s not the least bit shy, and just gets right in there, even when he’s the youngest and smallest kid there!

Andrew had really hoped the ice cream truck would make its way to the park while we were there.  I said it wasn’t likely, as they’d wait till the weekend when more people would be around.  Sure enough, they never showed.  (When they do, and we’re there, they’d BETTER have the Spiderman popsicle they had last year, because Andrew’s been talking about it ever since!!)

So to make up for the lack of ice cream at the park, we went to Dairy Queen and shared a small strawberry sundae, which is the only thing Andrew ever orders there (on the rare occasion we go!)  From there we popped into Value Village, because I thought it’d be fun to look for some toys for super cheap.  Andrew ended up getting 3 little bags of plastic toys for just over $8.  It was amazing, because just one of those toys new would be double that price, at least!  I’m not a huge Value Village goer in general, but I was happy to get the boy some new toys to play with outside for next to nothing.  We did a little grocery shop, then headed home and went straight outside because Andrew wanted to wash his new toys and put them in his little wagon with his other outdoor plastic toys!

It felt like a big outing, we were out for several hours and on the go for pretty much all of it.  I had a great time and so did Andrew, and I was in a really good mood as a result.  Toward the later evening I really started to feel it though, just how exhausted I was and it translated into me getting pretty sick before bed, unfortunately.  Then I found myself with a headache, and even my legs were a bit achy, because I think I became a bit dehydrated after being so sick.  Not such a fun way to finish off the day, but I guess I can’t expect to NEVER get sick anymore!  I finally got to sleep and feel better now, so after breakfast I’ll come up with a fun plan for today, although I think we’ll take it a little easier today.  Sad that an outing to the park is so much for me, but it is what it is!  I have to take care of myself, and not do too much to test my limits.

TGIF, and a long weekend to boot!  So happy about that =)


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