Our 12 week scan

I have a splitting headache but I know it’s just from all the excitement today.  It was too much for me!!
Baby A looks way smaller than Baby B, but it's just that the bottom picture was more zoomed in.  We weren't able to get a good picture of both babies together with being in separate sacs, although they were very close to each other...Maybe in our 3D u/s we'll get a clearer shot.  They are just so cute!!

We had our 12 wk 3 days ultrasound and it couldn’t have been better.  I was so nervous going there, wondering what I would do if something wasn’t right.  I didn’t know how I could handle any bad news.  Luckily, I didn’t have to.  Both babies are PERFECT.  As soon as she put the thing on my belly and I could see both babies in there, I was soooo relieved.  And from there James and I just kept smiling, and marveling at how ADORABLE our babies are!

Baby A’s heart rate was at 155 bpm, and Baby B’s was at 167.  Apparently both totally within normal range.  It makes me wonder if perhaps they’re different because one’s a girl and one’s a boy?!  I don’t know, might just be wishful thinking ;)  We won’t find out what they are till around 20 weeks.  And I don’t mind having that much more time to wonder, and not know, truthfully.  It’s exciting not knowing, although I do look forward to being able to find out!

Both babies were active, Baby A seemed to change positions a lot, and wasn’t quite as cooperative for looking at.  Mostly he or she was positioned so straight on, you could just see little legs and feet and bum sticking out, but his or her head was facing my back.  So funny.  Baby B was VERY active, the entire time!  I could even see him or her swallowing.  Toooo cuuuuute!  I AM TOTALLY IN LOVE!!!!!

The u/s technician wasn’t quite as vocal as the one we had the first time, but she even marveled at how cute they were being, and she did confirm for me what the other tech said last time – that ‘this is exactly how you want to see twins growing’.  So our babies are strong and doing well and I couldn’t wish for anything more.

I let her know right away that while I knew it was a Nuchal Translucency u/s, I wasn’t interested in the results because of the risk of false positives and the fact that nothing would change my mind about the pregnancy, so it just seemed pointless.  She had to let the actual u/s doctor know this, but she suggested just taking the general measurements and having a look at the babies, but not measuring for the nuchal translucency.  So it ended up being exactly as I wanted it to be.  The doctor was very thorough, she came in at the end and explained about the procedure, what the risks of false positives are, and we talked about why I didn’t want the results.  She was really understanding and said a lot of women feel that way, so not to worry, it’s ultimately our choice.  She said that with singletons now, the risk of false positives is only 5%, whereas with multiples it’s 25%.  I said I can’t deal with those kind of odds, because it would just cause unnecessary stress I don’t need.  I feel good about the fact that the measurements weren’t even taken, so there’s no risk of being told a result I don’t want to hear!!  The doctor said there are quite a few abnormalities they can detect just by doing the u/s as we had it, and they didn’t find any of those with our babies.  So I felt really good about that.  We were at BC Women’s Hospital and I found it to be a really good first impression. 

I am on cloud 9 after seeing the babies thriving!  I feel SO MUCH BETTER than I did before.  I know it’s not a guarantee, but I feel pretty darn positive about this time around.

AND we got our van today, which there are a few glitches that still need to be deal with, but the dealership is being good about it, so the kinks should hopefully be worked out tomorrow.  It was a HUGE day!  Unfortunately I have to get up at the crack of dawn to go to an early morning first meeting with my OB tomorrow…Which should be interesting given how sick I get in the morning if I haven’t had enough sleep.  But I’m going to TRY to get to bed earlier tonight and hopefully I won’t need the barf bag I’m going to bring with me just in case!!

Aaaaahhhhhhh, I feel out of control with excitement from seeing the babies.  There is nothing like it, I will never forget this day =)


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