Neverending crazy dreams

My crazy, vivid pregnancy dreams continue on.  I have them every single night, some just stick with me longer than others.

The night before last I dreamt that James, Andrew and I went on a vacation to some country in Europe.  I have no idea where we were, but it felt different somehow from where we live.  Anyway, there were a bunch of other people with us that were apparently our friends, although in real life I don’t actually know any of them. 

So we and our make-believe friends were on this trip, and everyone decided one night that we should all go out partying that evening.  I pointed out that Andrew is only 3, and can’t ‘go partying’, so I was more than willing to stay behind and spend the evening with him rather than join them.  But they, including James, were having none of that.  They found a piece of twine attached to my luggage (if you’ve ever been to Ikea, it’s that blue twine you can take as much as you need of from the parking lot!) and decided we could tie it to his wrist, and then tie the twine to a park bench, and he’d be fine for the night.  !!!  I was a bit freaked out by the idea, it didn’t sit well with me, but they were all adamant that he would be fine.  James said he’d charged up the ipod, so he’d have that to play with, and we could leave a few other toys with him at this bench.

(Obviously in reality this would NEVER CROSS OUR MINDS, and wouldn’t be an option whatsoever!  My gawd!!)

Anyway, so we all go to where this park bench is so they can show me where Andrew would be staying, and there is a dead rat RIGHT in front of the bench, and he looks like he died totally freaked out.  Then I look ON the bench, and the rat’s TAIL is on there, and a bunch of ants are carrying it away!  I didn’t think it was a good place for my boy to be left behind for the dark hours of night, but everyone else assured me he would be fine…

Luckily I never found out if I actually left him there, because the dream switched and suddenly we were staying in this really old house…that was totally infested with rats the size of large guinea pigs.  Also, the floorboards were so old that they were breaking apart, so every time we walked around they would dip and some would break away and we’d be left staring waaaaay down to where we’d crash if we fell through, which nearly happened over and over again.  It was horrifying.

Then last night, I had a dream that used to be a recurring dream for me, where I would be at my parents’ house while they were away, and I’d forget to feed the dogs and they were just left in the garage so long I worried I’d find them dead in there by the time I went to check on them.  The girls have been gone for…well, Emma died just over a year ago, so Tessa would be more like 2 years.  I hadn’t had that dream for such a long time, but it was just like how it used to be.  Which is a ridiculous dream, because obviously whenever I looked after them, they were never left to starve in the garage, yet for some reason I always worried I’d forget to feed them?!  I don’t know what that all means.  It was something to see them again though, bounding into the house as they used to do…and being in the house again, as if we’d never left it.

Weird stuff that my mind conjures up…and then I’m left facing the feelings these dreams evoke for the rest of the day…or at least part of it.  Crazy pregnancy hormones!!


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