Mother's Day at the zoo!

Mother’s Day was such an awesome day.  Shortly after I got up in the morning, James served homemade Eggs Benny’s and they were SO delish.  Then we got ourselves all ready and we went to the zoo!  I can’t think of a better way to spend a sunny Sunday!

I suggested the zoo because I knew I wanted to take Andrew there before I get too far along in this pregnancy and don’t feel up to doing all that walking.  Since I’ve heard from many people carrying twins that I’ll feel ready to pop around the 20 week mark, I feel like THIS is the time to be doing stuff – before I get to that point.  I was 14 weeks on Sunday and I think it was the perfect time for a day at the zoo.  As it was, I was totally beat by the time we were done, but it was so worth it.

I’m really feeling the freedom of us having a vehicle now, and I’m loving every second of it.  It took about 45 minutes to drive out to Aldergrove to the zoo, and I was a bit concerned at how Andrew would do, since he’s really not used to spending a ton of time in a car.  We’ve always bussed everywhere, and it’s a different experience altogether.  (I much prefer the van, myself!!)  But he did so well.  We took the ipod, which is a lifesaver, and he was amused by that for quite a while.  But then he was content to just look out the window, and chat with us about everything and nothing, making up elaborate stories about his ‘friends’, as always!  Then I convinced him to snooze for the last 15 minutes or so of the trip, so he wouldn’t fall asleep once we were at the zoo.  He’s taken some time to adjust to having a van because he was in a rut of bussing everywhere, and he doesn’t really like change all that much, so he usually says he hates the van and wants to sell it.  When we got into it to head to the zoo, he said, ‘I like the van, but only today because it’s taking us to the zoo.  Tomorrow I will hate it again!’  LOL  But I think he’s actually enjoying it, because we’ve been doing so much more lately just with the easiness of getting places.  On the way to the zoo, he said, ‘I just can’t believe my luck, going to the zoo!’  Awww!!

We decided to take the Quinny, Andrew’s big stroller, for this outing.  I can’t remember the last time we used it, it has been over a year for sure.  He didn’t use a stroller at all for ages, then with the pregnancy I started using the little umbrella stroller again because then I wouldn’t have to carry him when he gets tired.  But the Quinny is perfect for all-terrain, and can store our snacks and whatnot, so it made sense to go that route for the zoo.  I’m so glad we had that with us.  Once we got into the zoo, we unstrapped Andrew so he could get out easily if he wanted to check something out, and then hop back in when he wanted to relax.
 We saw the little monkeys first since they’re right at the front, and it was SO CUTE seeing the two moms with their new babes.  The babies were just born within the past week or two, and they are SO tiny, probably about the same size that my babies are right now at 14 weeks in the womb!  And the cutest part is that they attach themselves to their mother’s backs and just hold on somehow, and the mom’s go about their usual routine but with these little babies strapped to their backs!  It looked like their eyes were still closed even.  It was so sweet to see.  Now I get the saying, ‘Like a monkey on my back!’ 

Next we went into the reptile room, and Andrew was right in his element.  The pictures in there didn’t turn out great since everything was behind glass, but Andrew insisted on taking pictures of everything.  I took them for the most part, but then he took a lot of pictures around the zoo throughout the day.  We forgot to bring his kid-camera, I wish we had because he usurped my camera a lot and wanted to do the picture taking.  He is obsessed with my camera now!  I don’t want to risk it getting broken so I make sure he’s really careful, and so far he hasn’t dropped it.  It’s pretty beat up anyway so I guess it’s not the biggest deal ever if something happens to it!  It’s probably only a matter of time, at this point.  But so worth it to see Andrew getting creative and focusing on photography.  I also find it interesting to see pictures he takes – such a different perspective, and I find it refreshing!

 We sort of saw the lion and the Tiger named Sweetie.  But they were getting fed and we got there at the last minute so it was pretty crowded.  We saw the lone giraffe, since 2 of them died several months back.  I felt kind of bad about that, because I know giraffes don’t do super well all alone, so I wonder if they’ll get another one or take that one somewhere else.  We absolutely loved the giraffes when we took Andrew to the zoo the first time (and the last time we’d been) 2 summers ago.  We saw all sorts of animals, my favourite of course being the ostriches!  Last time we only saw one male, but this time the male was off in the distance, but the two females were right up at the fence staring at us, and I LOVED taking pictures of them and just watching them.  I don’t know exactly what it is about them, but they’re my favourite animal.

Andrew's gorilla dance!

 The next 3 pics Andrew took...

 We walked around just about the entire zoo.  We didn’t see the hippos, but I remember them being kind of boring last time, so I didn’t care that we missed out on that.  We saw a bear, a wolf, elk, moose, a camel, a hyena, and probably 20 other types of animals.  So much fun!

 3 more Andrew pics:

 It was such a fun way to spend the afternoon.  It was borderline too hot, though, which is crazy since we’ve complained about how cold it’s been up till the past few days.  It was at least 25 Celsius there, and felt like a hot summer day.  Last time we went on the hottest day of August so it could have been worse, but it sure got hot while we were walking around.  It was such a great way to spend Mother’s Day though.  I was so happy, and we all had such a fun time together.

 Chillaxin' in the Quinny...He totally owned it!

 The boy and giant-pregnut me!

 Andrew took this picture and said, 'Look Mommy, I took a picture of the babies!' LOL  Indeed, he did!

 He is all about the silly faces for the camera these days...

 Attack of the alligator!
What a perfect day =)


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