Mommy's growing babies in her belly!

Andrew has really taken to photography.  He has his own 'kid' camera that he loves to use, but he's always happy when he can get his hands on mine.  He has snapped probably hundreds of photos, and there's a definite theme to the types of pictures he's after.  He takes stills of his favourite tv characters (much to my chagrin, since it means I'm forever pausing shows at 'just the right moment', which isn't always an easy task!), blurry up-close pictures of household items, and lots of pictures of 'The Babies.'  I often don't even know that he has taken a picture of me, but then lo and behold when I upload the pictures from my camera, there I am.  Or should I say, there THE BABIES are, since my head is generally cut right off!
 I think it's really sweet that he's interested in The Babies and wants to document them!  Let's face it, it's the only time I'm ever going to feel comfortable with him snapping pictures of my belly, so I may as well just go with it!


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