Last weekend in May

I wrote this yesterday, but only got pictures uploaded today, so here it is...

At the last minute James and I ended up getting Saturday night to ourselves while Andrew slept over at my parents’ house.  It ended up being perfect because we were able to get a good night’s sleep, since not only was Andrew not around to wake us up at least twice through the night (we don’t let him in our room anymore but he still always wakes us up…) but also our upstairs NOISY-AT-ALL-HOURS-OF-THE-NIGHT neighbour didn’t come home!  In fact he was away last night too, and I totally notice the difference (big time) in how much sleep I get.

I had high hopes for how Sunday was going to go, plans for lots of outdoor activities and just…I don’t know, certain expectations maybe.  I felt a bit sad/blah in the morning because the weather wasn’t looking very promising, and the forecast said it was going to be far colder out than what I’d hoped.  It ended up getting a lot better throughout the day and by afternoon was downright HOT, but I still didn’t feel in the best of spirits yesterday.  I can’t quite put my finger on what my issue was.

Still, we did manage to get out and have a decent day.  In the morning, James and I took a drive up to SFU to check out Burnaby Mountain park and then we drove around the newer part of the university.  So much of it is completely different from how it was when we went there, but it was still nostalgic being up there, since that’s where we met, fell in love, and the rest is history!

Then we went out and shared a meal at Fatburger, before James headed home and I went to pick up Andrew at my parents’.  We visited for a while and then Andrew and I went home, collected up some snacks and toys, and went and met up with James at the park.  We also went to a lake and Andrew fed the ducks.  He also met a new friend at the park who he seemed to get along with really well, they were actually playing together, and sharing toys! 

 Always doing silly poses for laughs, this kid...
 This one with him by the flowers was so cute, he ran over and clasped his hands together and said, 'Cheeeeeese!'
 I love how my boy adores me!

So we did have a good outing, I just felt like it wasn’t the day I had set in my mind maybe.  (Which seems silly, I know...)  Oh well, that happens sometimes!  I just hope the weather improves this week, because we woke up to rain this morning, and all the plans I’ve been coming up with lately involve being outdoors, not cooped up inside like we are in the winter months.  I love living here, but sometimes I swear, this weather is the pits.  We neeeed a nice hot summer, and I want it to start right now!


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