I thought cold season was over :(

I’m going to wait till I’ve uploaded the pics from my camera before I write more about our weekend away.  Hopefully I’ll have time to do that tonight.  I want to write about everything before my pregnancy amnesia takes over and I forget the details!

Right now I’m battling the onset of a STUPID cold.  I had way too many colds during actual cold season, and now I’m getting one when I would have thought the season for it was over.  SO frustrating.  I know it’s because my immune system is weaker with being pregnant, but still.  Why me?!  It makes me feel sorry for myself, because I feel like it’s enough to be gestating two babies, why a cold on top of it all?!  It’s not fair!  That’s my whine for the day.

I’ve even started going to bed earlier and getting more sleep, which you’d think would HELP my immune system if anything.  During our weekend away I started going to sleep at 11pm, and the past few nights at home I’ve stuck with it and I’m always out before 11:30pm.  I was in a bad habit of going to sleep between 1-2am most nights, so I’m getting way more sleep, and it’s really helping me to not feeling so sick in the mornings.  I’m also having an easier time getting up earlier in the morning.  I don’t enjoy getting up early, and could quite nicely sink back under the covers at the moment, but I’m not a complete zombie getting up early when I get a proper amount of sleep.  Way to state the obvious, I know, but I’m not the greatest sleeper so it’s easy for me to fall into a bad pattern.  I’m proud of myself for starting a better one!

I just wish I wasn’t getting sick.  The weather looks half decent and Andrew and I have a vehicle at our disposal, so the sky should be the limit, but instead I just feel exhausted and sick and not up to anything.  Argh!!  Hopefully it won’t last long.


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