Flying at it

I had the day to myself today, the first day in a while.  I’ve been neglecting doing much around our place lately, in part because we’ve made a habit of going over to my mom’s a lot during the day (if I feel sick or just really tired, I can go rest while she’s with Andrew, which is soooo great on days when I’m particularly exhausted).  But also in part because even when I’m home, I just don’t have the energy to get much done.  Especially when the nausea is really bad, I feel like I can’t do much of anything, so chores definitely get put on the back burner.

The past couple of days, while I’ve definitely felt nauseous at times throughout the day, for the most part I’ve felt it waaay less severely than what has become my ‘normal.’  To the point where I actually feel like I CAN do things for hours throughout the day, which is awesome!  I’m definitely nowhere near 100% in terms of not feeling sick, but I’m seeing an improvement, particularly this week, so I’m hopeful that it IS actually tapering off.  I’m crossing my fingers that I’ll feel pretty good for James and my time away this weekend!

Anyway, I decided to take advantage of the energy I had.  I ended up going on a blitz and getting a ton of stuff done around our place.  I cleaned the bathroom, the kitchen, dusted, vacuumed, including under our beds AND under the couch, and I even turned the living room rug around so the parts that are usually used are more under the couch now and the parts that weren’t being used are in use (if that makes sense).  I also did 2 loads of laundry and tidied up Andrew’s bedroom.  I also changed the sheets on our beds and did a bunch of ironing.  I might have done more but I can’t remember now.  That’s the thing with these kinds of chores – they can be somewhat time-consuming tasks, but basically go unnoticed, because who’s looking under beds for dust bunnies right?!  The thing is, I like to do that every once in a while, because especially with the laminate floors, I find dust bunnies turn into tumble weeds pretty quickly.  And they attract bugs, and we all know how much I loathe the bugs!  I found a BIG scary spider in our bathtub today, actually, and it totally freaked me out, but that’s all I’ll say about that. 

It felt good to get on top of things.  I still have quite a few things on my to do list around here, but that was definite progress.  My mission is to have things in really good shape so that when we get back after our weekend away, everything will still be looking nice and clean and tidy and I won’t feel the need to go on a frenzy as soon as we’re back!

Amazingly I also felt like I had a chance to sit and relax off on and on throughout the day, so while I didn’t nap, I did feel somewhat rested.

Tomorrow we are officially purchasing the van, and then we go for the ultrasound…which I’m really nervous about but also excited.  We’re going to buy the van, then we’re going to bus to the u/s appointment!  LOL  Silly, I know, but it makes sense to us.  It’s actually easier for where we’re going, and we want to drive the van around our area more before we use it for any real distance.  It’ll be an adjustment getting out of our rut of always transiting everywhere!  The thing is, after 14 years (almost) living on this side of the water, I’ve gotten to know Vancouver and Burnaby in particular really well…but only by the bus routes!  Driving is a whole other story and it’s something I’ll have to get used to.  I’m so excited about it though.

It feels like a big week.  I’ve been looking forward to tomorrow since 6 weeks ago, it’s hard to believe it’s actually here!!


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